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1/72 TU-22 Blinder Exhaust and Afterburner Set
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72287
This set replaces the exhaust parts for the new Modelsvit Blinder kit with beautifully detailed exhaust tubes, and multi part afterburner nozzles. The detail on the nozzles is so fine it does not show well in the photos. There is not a lot of external detail on this kit, so these afterburners will b..
US$17.06 18 % OFF
1/72 Supermarine Spitfire VIII/IX/XVI 4 Slot Mainwheels for Eduard kits
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72315
This set contains a pair of detailed 4 slot mainwheels with accurate hub detail, subtle tire beading & data. The tyre is smooth; by far the most common tire seen on Spitfires. For Mk VII thru 21 Spitfires operation from grass or dirt runways. Also fitted to some Seafire kits. These wheels are design..
US$6.38 39 % OFF
1/72 Supermarine Spitfire 3 Slot Wheels (Circumferential Tread)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72107
This set contains a pair of super detailed resin 3 slot wheels with ribbed tyres as fitted to many postwar variants, including the Spitfire XIV, XVI, XVIII,XIX, 22/24, as well as some Seafire 45 and 46 and Spiteful/Seafangs. These wheels are fitted to many postwar foreign Spits as well as many warbi..
US$6.38 39 % OFF
1/72 Hawker Tempest Main Wheels - Smooth Tread (2 Wheels)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72221
This set consists of a pair of super detailed and accurate resin 32 inch 4-slot mainwheels with smooth tires as fitted to Hawker Tempest V, series II and later variants, such as the Mk II and Mk VI, when operating primarily from grass or unimproved airfields. Designed for all 1/72 scale Tempest kits..
US$6.38 23 % OFF
1/48 WWI British Wicker Seats Set without Seat Belts (2 Seats)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48259
Two different super detailed 1/48 scale wicker seats as fitted to many WWI British aircraft. Sopwith Camel, Pup, Triplane, S.E.5a, DH.2, R.E.8, and more. Master patterns by Michael O'Hare...
US$7.80 29 % OFF
1/72 Bristol Beaufighter Early Wheels Set - No Tread (2 Resin Wheels)
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72246
Super detailed, accurate single brake main wheels with 5 slot hub on one side and smooth tyres to replace kit parts in new Airfix kit and others. These were fitted to early production Beaufighters, especially the night fighters and desert based aircraft. Designed for the new Airfix Beaufighter, but ..
US$5.66 20 % OFF
1/72 Bristol Blenheim Intake and Exhaust Set for Airfix kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72196
This set consists of accurate and detailed standard and desert carburettor intakes, ram air oil cooler intakes, exhaust stacks, fuel dumps and venturi, all of which are deeply hollowed out. Designed as a drop fit replacement for the Airfix Blenheim Mk I and IV kit parts. Can be easily adapted to wor..
US$7.80 17 % OFF
1/72 Avro Shackleton MR.2 Early Exhausts for Airfix kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72275
This set contains 8 drop fit replacement exhaust inserts for the early Shackletons, before the exhaust pipes were fitted to route the exhaust under the wing. The exhausts are hollowed out for a more authentic look and have fastener detail not present on the kit parts...
US$8.91 20 % OFF
1/48 Hawker Typhoon Tempest Series I Main Wheels for Eduard/Hasegawa kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48138
This set consists of a pair of super detailed, accurate mainwheels and tailwheel as fitted to most Hawker Typhoons & Series 1 Tempest Mk. Vs. This set replaces the old Typhoon wheel set BR 48043, which is now discontinued. Improved pattern making technology and better reference has yielded new wheel..
US$7.80 17 % OFF
1/48 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Drag Chute Housing for Hasegawa kit
Out Of Stock
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48082
Set contains one super detailed 1/48 scale drag chute housing in deployed and empty position with chute compartment door open. Designed for the Hasegawa Starfighter, but can be adapted to fit other kits...
US$7.09 49 % OFF
1/32 RNZAF Douglas A-4K Kahu Skyhawk Conversion set for Trumpeter A-4E/F kits
Future Release
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32386
Contains a new, accurate and highly detailed instrument panel (with instrument face decals),coaming, gunsight with clear cast gunsight glass, and all necessary blade antennas to convert a 1/32 Trumpeter A-4E/F to the RNZAF Kahu Skyhawk. All parts except the clear gunsight glass are 3D printed, and i..
1/32 Messerschmitt Bf-109G Cockpit Stencils, Placards with Instrument Panel
Future Release
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32365
This set consists of a decal sheet that gives you all the small stencils and placards typically found in Bf 109G cockpits. It also includes a beautifully detailed resin instrument casting that can be painted up and a choice of two different printings of the instrument faces: Scale instrument marking..
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