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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-7108
3 bar railing with netting on lower 2/3. Used on most US Navy destroyers in WW2. Enough railing for several kits...
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-777
This set can be used to detail Arkansas, New York, Texas, Nevada and Pennsylvania as modernized for service in WWII. Radar antennas are during 1942-1945. Includes detail parts for OS2U Kingfishers...
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-700-09
Highly detailed resin kit to make 2 "S" class submarines - S-28 and S-35. Brass detail set included to make both submarines. Two hulls and two sets of resin parts included to make the mid-war fit of these submarines...
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-736
This set contains details for the Hood, rails, radars type 279 and 284, boat davit details, pom-pom detail parts and more for the Trumpeter 1931/1941 kit and Tamiya kit. Inclined ladders which can be separately purchased from set: TOM-754..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-4004
This set is for the 1/428 Revell Arizona kit, it contains catapults, cranes, flag booms and more...
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-4014
Set contains replacement window frames to cover what is provided in the kit as well as some that are missing...
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-4015
Set provides new benches to replace those in the kit...
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-3596
Complete replacement for the Titanic kit's plastic parts including the access ladder. Made of thicker brass material for ease of assembly...
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-3512
This set some several relief etched parts, catapults, hanger door faces, radars, rails, aircraft parts and more. We believe its the only set currently available with the correct catapults. See sets 3571, 3572, 3573, 3574 & 3575 for supporting Bismarck sets..
US$32.85 17 % OFF
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-3593
Detail set for the Very Fire Cleveland or Birmingham kits. Two brass frets contain custom-fit main deck rails, SK and SK2 antennas as well as SP-1 and MK8 antennas. Both Mk4 and Mk12/22 also included. Ladders, 20mm shields, OS2U detail parts, SOC detail parts, catapult detail parts even boat cranes ..
US$60.93 17 % OFF
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-2032
Open deck chairs for 1/200 scale Titanic models. 42 chairs included in the set...
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-2033
Deck chairs in the folded and stowed condition. 42 chairs included..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-2031
Benches for 1/200 scale Titanic models. 51 benches included in the set...
US$34.22 18 % OFF
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-12508
For the Revell 1/1200 scale Titanic kit. Includes rails, ratlines, crane booms, ladders and a new docking bridge and compass platform and other details...
US$19.15 18 % OFF
1/700 USS South Dakota Class Battleship Detail-up set (1 Photo-Etched sheet)
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-767
This set upgrades your new South Dakota, Massachusetts or Alabama. Parts are also included to do Indiana if you wish to do a conversion. Radar for all four ships in various fits from commissioning to decommissioning. Rails, catapults, cranes and funnel caps are all included. There are five sheets of..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-700-10
A complete 1/700 scale waterline model of the USS Oklahoma as she appeared at the beginning of the Pearl Harbor attack 12/7/41. The kit features a resin hull and over 100 highly detailed 3D printed parts. Also included is a complete photoetch detail set, decals and a thorough set of instructions and..
US$143.13 18 % OFF
1/700 US CXAM and CXAM-1 Radars Antenna for Trumpeter kits
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-7102
One each CXAM and CXAM-1 antenna for use on 1/700 models particularly Trumpeter's kits of California, West Virginia. These radars were used on carriers Lexington, Saratoga, Wasp, Ranger, Enterprise, Yorktown, Hornet, cruisers Chester, Chicago, Augusta, Northampton, Pensacola, Memphis, Cincinnati, ba..
US$6.13 19 % OFF
1/700 RMS Olympic Detail-up set for Revell kit (1 Photo-Etched sheet)
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-781
This set contains all the details you need to enhance kit "Old Reliable" in 1911 fit - skylights, compass platform legs, vent grills, funnel ladders with whistle platforms, crane booms, Fidley grills, even a ship's wheel. The set TOM-770 with instructions re-mastered for the Olympic. It is also suit..
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Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-796
This set has parts to help detail merchant ships from the 1930s and WW2 era. There are some parts for the Fujimi and Aoshima kits of Japanese merchant ships. The set includes gravity davits, various lengths of pulleys, "square", non-watertight doors, life rings, two-stage boarding ladders (deployed ..
US$24.63 17 % OFF
1/700 HMS King George V-Class/Prince of Wales Battleship Detail-up set (1 PE sheet)
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-734
This set contains rails, cranes, radars, gun directors and more...
US$16.41 20 % OFF
1/700 HMS Illustrious/Victorious Class Carriers Detail Set for Aoshima kits
Brand: Toms Modelworks SKU: TOM-793
For the new Aoshima HMS Illustrious and HMS Victorious kits but will work perfectly well on the HP resin kits or the old Aoshima kits. Contains parts to detail the kits as built and also as fitted for service with the British Eastern and Pacific Fleets in 1944 and 1945...
US$30.11 18 % OFF
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