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Brand: Delta SKU: DL81008
Precision Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush kit comes with 7ml paint cup, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5mm needles and nozzles, colour stop and braided air hose. Working Pressure: 15-50psi...
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL83013
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL66002
This set (DL66002) includes 20 drills - one piece for each of the following sizes: #80, #79, #78, #77, #76, #75, #74, #73, #72, #71, #70, #69, #68, #67, #66, #65, #64, #63, #62, #61..
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL62002
Requires 4x AAA batteries 3 lenses included..
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Brand: Delta SKU: DLBS42
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL62001
Handy Hands with Magnifying Glass- The practical helper for soldering work for electronics and model-making- Holding clamps adjustable in many ways- complete with magnifying glass- Great for hobby craft and fine hand work- Strong clamps and sturdy base- Portable and easy to use..
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL21002
This Hobby knife set includes the basic modeling knives:#1 light duty#2 medium duty#5Heavy dutyAlso including a comprehenive assortment of ten (10) extra interchangeable straight, curved, chisel and specialty bladesThis tool set comes with a quality storage chest..
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL53004
(up to 1.3mm Diameter Copper Wire)..
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL81011
Double Action Trigger Airbrush * 2 Removable Paint Reservoirs * Braided Hose * Needle/Tip Combinations - 0.2mm - 0.3mm - 0.5mm..
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Precision Dual Action Siphon-feed Airbrush
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL81010
Delta Precision Double Action Siphon-feed Airbrush with 10ml glass jar. Nozzle diameter 0.3mm. Working pressure 15-50psi..
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Hobby Blades #11 (5pcs)
Brand: Delta SKU: DL32011
Specially designed to fit all standard No 1 Light Duty Knives. 5 pcs contained in storage container...
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Mini Painting Clips (24pcs)
Flex Pads - Coarse Sanding Grade (4pcs)
Brand: Delta SKU: DL42004
Contains four semi flexible double sided pads - Coarse Sanding Grade.This very handy hobby tool is versatile , water resistant & easy to cut to shape to fit hard to reach places ...
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[Toray Brush] Flat - Size 0
Out Of Stock
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