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Brand: Plastic Invasion SKU: PLV-ScalMaga01
In collaboration with the popular YouTube channel Paralight Worx, PLV are launching the first issue of our new magazine Scale it! which is focused on historical reenactment and scale modelling.One single moment, one historical event, and the human story behind it. In this issue we follow the main ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-WW1-1014
Shortly before World War One, the German Army High Command began a massive project to test the suitability of agricultural tractors and ploughs possessing internal combustion engines for a potential role as future Artillerie-Zugmaschinen artillery tractors. The aim was to make even heavy artillery m..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-US3049
REFORGER 78 Saxon Drive / Certain Shield US Army and Allied Armies train to counter a Conventional Attack from the East During REFORGER 78 forces from the USA were mainly deployed in the autumn manoeuvres Saxon Drive and Certain Shield in West Germany. During the corps training exercise Saxon Drive ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-US3048
US Military Vehicles on Exercise in Australia US Army and USMC stem the tide against Chinese ambitions in Asia-Pacific Australia has long enjoyed a strong defence relationship with the USA. It was strengthened by Australian support for the USA's Global War on Terror, specifically the operations in I..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5096
With amalgamation of the German army's main reconnaissance forces into the Army Reconnaissance Force in 2008, this troop type has a broad, complementary spectrum of ground-based and airborne reconnaissance capabilities. This variety of different assets, from reconnaissance to unmanned aerial vehicle..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5097
Development of the protected Bandvagn (Bv) 206 S, successor to the world-famous Bv 206 D, began in the late 1980s. At the beginning of the 1990s, the German Armed Forces began to take an interest in the vehicle. Since 1985, its predecessor, the Bv 206 D Husky was used very successfully, but the Germ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-GB9039
RAC Germany Armoured Vehicles of the Royal Armoured Corps during the Cold War in West Germany 1950-90 Almost 85 years ago, the Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) was formed and it can be found today in every theatre of operations of the British Army. One of the most important episodes in the RAC's history w..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-4907
This fifth issue of the thematic publication Worn Art is dedicated to German artillery pieces in World War II.It deals with the construction, painting and weathering of some iconic pieces.Although not all the variants used during the war are covered, we will enjoy some very relevant pieces, see ..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-130010
English. 68 pages. Semi-hard cover.CAMOUFLAGE & MARKINGS. FRANCE, BELGIUM, HOLLAND AND GERMANY 1944-1945 47 profilesThis book, illustrated with photos and color profiles, describes the camouflage and markings of various soft-skin and armored vehicles used by the Polish 1st Armoured Division duri..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-130014
Limited Edition Military History Book - 304 Pages, Hard Cover Dive into the post-WWII era where tank technology underwent rapid advancements, leading to the creation of the Main Battle Tank (MBT). This detailed military history, penned by MP Robinson and Dick Taylor, explores the development of the ..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-130011
ICM was born as a brand in the last century. The company has existed for more than 35 years on the market and started a new history with a new owner, Mr. Dleksandr Buzin, in 2004.From the beginning the brand bet on 1:72 scale military vehicles, without neglecting the popular 1:35 scale and more re..
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