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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72451
This set consists of accurate and detailed 3D printed de Havilland and Rotol spinners to replace the inaccurate Airfix kit spinners. The kit Rotol spinner is far too long, and the de Havilland Spinner is too bulbous. A simple drop fit replacement that will make a real improvement in your model. Desi..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-72492
This new set contains a correctly shaped de-Havilland spinner, superdetailed radiator with standard & dust filtered carburettor intake and hollowed exhausts. An easy, straightforward and highly visible upgrade Designed specifically for the new tool Airfix Tempest V kit, but can be modified to fit ot..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48028
This set includes two resin cast vertical F.24 camera faces, and one oblique F.24 camera (front and back inserts) for all PR/FR Spitfires and other RAF, FAA aircraft. Add some visible detail through the clear camera ports by replicating the front face of the cameras within. Quick and easy!..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48047
Accurate resin contra-rotating prop blades to replace the poorly shaped kit blades in the otherwise beautiful Airfix Seafire FR. 46/47 kit. These were also fitted to some Spitfire Mk. 21s. The most important upgrade you can do to improve your contraprop Spitfire...
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48294
The set is designed for the superb Eduard MiG-21 series. The kit radome is accurate and well molded. The separate radome and bulkhead allow you to assemble the fuselage without the radome, which is then installed when the model is almost finished. This will allow you to fill and sand the intake seam..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48026
This accurate, detailed cast resin 5 blade spinner and late style 11? diameter prop greatly improve the Airfix Spitfire 22/24 and Seafire 46/47 kits. The kit blades have too much twist and are oddly shaped. A highly visible upgrade. May be adapted to fit other Griffon Spitfire kits...
US$10.80 17 % OFF
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48239
This set contains a number of parts necessary to allow you to build any of the more modern B-1B configurations. The Revell kit, built out of the box, only allows you to build early B-1Bs. Included are accurate, detailed resin parts consisting of 2 towed decoy fairings, the late DAS fairing mounted o..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32141
This set consists of an accurate one piece, seamless resin carburetor intake duct and shroud. It replaces the somewhat crude multi-part duct found in the otherwise very nice PCM Tempest V. Also fitted to many Typhoons and other Tempest V kits...
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32004
Directly replaces the beautiful Tamiya kit rocker covers for the two Stage Merlin 60 series engine with new resin covers that feature the much sought after Rolls-Royce logo plates molded on. A simple detail upgrade for the engine compartment...
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32007
The wide blister C wing gun covers in the Tamiya kit are very nice, but the cannon fairing blisters are too square in the front. This set directly replaces the kit's upperwing gun covers with more rounded resin castings. A simple way to accurize your early Spit Mk IX...
US$10.12 21 % OFF
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32122
This set contains a new resin prop and spinner to replace the kit items in the Revell kit or any 109 from the F-4 through the G-14. Barracuda resin spinner is very accurate in shape and detail. The misshapen kit blades are replaced with very accurate resin versions which will make a big improvement ..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32063
A pair of beautifully detailed open engine cowl flaps and two accurate one-piece radiator units, complete with plumbing and actuator mounting ring are contained in this set. A full set of cowl flap actuator rods with spares are also included. When installed, the open flaps reveal the detailed radiat..
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Brand: Bregun SKU: BRE-BRL72262
US$10.12 17 % OFF
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