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Brand: Ozmods Models SKU: OZCONV4810
Contains cockpit tub, 2 seats, 2 panels, 2 columns, 2 braces..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE7259
This set contains: Cockpit Floor, Bracing Wires (Inner Wing Struts), Bracing Wires (Float Struts), Bracing Wires (Engine Struts Rear), Bracing Wires (Engine Struts Mid), Bracing Wires (Engine Struts Front), Gun Position Scarf Rings, Ammunition Box Front Panel, Ammunition Box Body, Throttle Assembly,..
US$28.00 19 % OFF
Brand: Yahu Models SKU: YMA7215
Coloured photo-etched set..
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Brand: Airscale SKU: AI-PE48BEZ
Each set includes:RAF, German and US instrument bezelsCovers most eras - WW1 to JetsFine relief etching for mounting studs and knobs / switchesDifferent diameters for each design to suit your build or kit partSingle, dual and triple mounted instrument bezels supplied..
Brand: Airscale SKU: AI-AS48DAN
Each set includes:A full-colour cockpit set that covers the many labels found on modern cockpit side consoles and includes a full range of warning placards as found on European and US Ejector seats and hazard markings found throughout the cockpit.Includes both pre-shaped and blank hazard stripe ..
Brand: Airscale SKU: AI-PE48MOD
Each set includes:Multi Function DisplaysInstrument BezelsSide-console Switchgear & PanelsEjection Seat details & handlesCanopy rear-view mirrorsFine relief etching for three dimensional effect..
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