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Model Planes

Brand: SBS Model SKU: SBSRF4801
Includes 3D acrylic instrument panels by Red Fox Studio..
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Brand: Clear Prop Models SKU: CPA72108
Yellow Kabuki Paper..
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Brand: Clear Prop Models SKU: CP72048
Easy-to-assemble kit that is suitable for both beginners and advanced modelers and includes set of plastic parts for the assembly of one model of the aircraft (five sprues, one of which is clear) and 2 decal sheets.Markings are provided for two different schemes.Colored and detailed assembly gui..
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Brand: Clear Prop Models SKU: CPA72037
Paint Mask:Preparing the masks: Masks should not be stretched during the application process as they are flexible and this could cause deformation. Remove the whole mask if necessary, and then apply again. Once placed on the model, the mask surface should be adjusted to the surface of the model ..
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