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Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-696
208 pagesIf trains and railway modelling are your passion or you just love quality scale modelling you can?t miss this book with the usual AK?s quality display plus Marklin?s input. A handbook that will possibly become a cult book for scale railway modelers in the next years. A new approach for an i..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-648
In this book you are not going to find large dioramas or vignettes that tell complex stories with a multitude of elements, figures or vehicles at different levels.That does not mean that it is not a great book whose content is meaningless, but quite the opposite.In making it we have approached i..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-130013
This modeling book contains dioramas and vehicles exquisitely crafted to tell the story of the fall of Berlin. A multitude of references and stories behind the works inspire each of the authors to tell a story with each piece. Not only is the planning, painting and construction process explained ste..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-290
The most important book ever written about WWII colours by the best historians and professionals on the matter. This book will change the way modellers will paint their models in the future...
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT751
English / Spanish. 114 pages. Hard cover.During World War II, the German Army widely used self-propelled anti-tank guns.There were two categories of these vehicles: the so-called Panzerjager (tank hunter) which had an open casemate so the crew was fully exposed from above and was provided with t..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-272
Panzer Crew Figure Painting Guide A deep look on these armored troops and its paint, new AK Learning Series Issue. In this book, we find many painting articles with an extensed step guide and many full color photographs. A detailed guide on how to paint these uniforms, from the classic black uniform..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-130001
Bilingual English / Spanish. 168 pages. Semi-hard cover.This is the first volume of the two that will feature the most iconic vehicles of the British Army in WWII.The scenes and vehicles included in this collection are shown in a compilation of step by step articles with great photographs.Pe..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-293
Colour is one of the most important areas of any artistic discipline, and modelling is one of them. That is why before painting, we need to minimally understand some concepts that will help us to achieve far more spectacular results. This is a theoretical book that will help modellers to lay a found..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-525
English and Spanish. 320 pages. Semi-hard cover. More than 1.200 images. ARE YOU READY TO IMPROVE YOUR PAINTING METHODS AND CHANGE THE FINISH OF YOUR FANTASY FIGURES. In this book you will find advice and explanation of all techniques and processes which you need to master painting of fantasy figure..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT720
Although the German Army used only a handful of tanks during the Word War I, they still get a lot of interest from modellers and historians. This publication gives an insight into the tank service in the Germany Army in 1917-1918, and provides a detailed look at the history and painting schemes of t..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT753
The Northern-African theatre of operations meant new challenges to both parties, mainly because of the weather and the rough environment. The units could not act far from their supply bases. Right from the start a movement war was fought, with constant offensives and counterattacks. The forces, the ..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-278
Special for USN enthusiasts and for modellers in general, a deep view of the most emblematic jets selected by Daniel zamarbide for this book with an impressive gallery of real jets by Ioannis Lekas. You can seen the most modern techniques to apply in your modern jets and a lot of ideas. In this book..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-274
Tracks and Wheels is the third release from the already famous AK Learning Series. The extremely talented artists within this book, take you on a journey through every aspect of painting and weathering tracks and wheels through their very own words, guiding you through their styles and approaches. F..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-259
First book of this new collection (Learning series) in a small format. This collection is oriented to help modelers through different modeling tasks.This volume is dedicated to paint different types of wood, planes, ships , tools, accessories etc...
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-508
Metallics have always been a difficult task for modellers. It doesn't matter which modelling branch you choose, at some point you will find yourself in front of a metal piece/part which, of course, you want to finish as realistic as possible. There exist many ways to achieve a metal finish, from the..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-507
Metallics have always been a difficult task for modellers. It doesn't matter which modelling branch you choose, at some point you will find yourself in front of a metal piece/part which, of course, you want to finish as realistic as possible. There exist many ways to achieve a metal finish, from the..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT602
Mastering Oils 1, Oil Painting Techniques on AFVs, is the first one of a master series dealing with all the techniques necessary to control oil painting. In this first one the master modeller Joaquin Garcia Gazquez shows us how to use oils in the correct way; how to mix them, how to apply them, whic..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-241
The book describes techniques to paint all types of flesh in miniatures...
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-8000
This is a complete guide for building dioramas, vignettes and environments. This book gives away all the secrets of the master modeller Ruben Gonzalez. You will find detailed information on how to make any kind of terrain, weather effects such as snow, rain, desert and anything you can think of. Th..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-8050
AK fully enter into the most complete modality of modelling knowing and discovering techniques, materials, tricks, and a lot of ideas and inspiration in an essential book for all modellers.If you enjoyed the Dioramas FAQ, prepare yourself for a spectacular edition focused on water, ice and snow. ..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-276
380 pages, more than 2.500 images.This book is a compilation of aircraft scale modelling techniques, step by step guides with hundreds of colour pictures for WWI, WWII, coldwar and modern aircraft, showing a wide range of painting and weathering techniques. All aspects of aircraft modelling are cove..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-251
Scale modelling means creating miniature representations (models) of larger subjects. This very enjoyable hobby combines history, skills and art, and perhaps some fantasy. As in the case of all activities, one starts from a beginner level, and improves until becoming a master. This guide was mainly ..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-247
Issue number 8 of the well-known Learning Series collection focuses on figure painting, in this manual you will find all the information, tricks and secrets related to modern camouflage painting. Different types of figures in different scales in which the artists apply different styles and technique..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-130009
English. 312 pages. Semi-hard cover. Adam Wilder manages to capture a dynamic range of detail and weathering effects on the military vehicles he finishes. He does this using a succession of stages and layers. This is perhaps the most important characteristic of Adams work. Throughout this book, Ada..
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