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Brand: Microscale SKU: MI-7
Micro mask is like masking tape in a bottle. Just apply it with a brush, let it dry, and cut it to any shape you want with a sharp-pointed knife. Peel out the part where you want to paint, leaving an outer stencil mask, and paint with the method of your choice. Just don't use a water-based paint ove..
Brand: Chronicle SKU: CAU10001
8 brushes sized 0 to 7 (2x0, 2x1, 2x2, 3, 7), with each brush sized and named after creatures of myth. Responsibly sourced Kolinsky Sable fibers in accordance with CITES provisions provides outstanding quality and longevity. Rounded ebony tone handle and brass ferrule for best ergonomics. With exemp..
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Brand: AMMO by Mig Jimenez SKU: A.MIG-8009
Highly durable aluminum palette with 10 wells.Aluminum palette with 10 wells. It is resistance to all types of paints and chemicals making this a fundamental tool ideal for the workbench of any modeller...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-587
This synthetic brush in the shape of a whale's tail allows special brushstrokes on angled areas or complicated volumes.The whale tail shape forces the brush onto the walls, gliding the brush over the surface...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9510
This wet palette is perfectly sized and has an airtight seal to preserve paint for longer. It contains a useful tray with compartments for mixing paints or storing various accessories. The wet palette is a tool mainly used by figure painters, but is increasingly being used by people who paint any ki..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9160
The new AK9160 tool has been specially developed to make splashes and to have maximum control in different scales.It is a square PVC tool with different colored brushes, which have different lengths, filament lines and hardnesses to project the splashes.It is easy to clean and resistant to all t..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9004
Set with 20 units of rubber toric joints. The Basic Line series airbrush uses this type of rubber gaskets but also many other types of airbrushes use similar gaskets...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9328
Set of two bottles with different very precise cannulas. Contains two graduated cylindrical bottles of high density polyethylene. 1 Bottle of 50ml. and 1 bottle of 30ml. Includes 6 different micro cannulas for filling with very precise dosage, without spilling liquids, glues, resins, etc. Dispensing..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9048
Set of three 100ml bottles with a doser and a comfortable screw closure. It includes a crystal ball for shaking the paint better. The transparent PVC allows to see the colour of the paint directly...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-ORG35
Capacity for 30 jars 36mm diameter. IDEAL FOR Enamels, Pigments, Filters, Washes. Same space, more capacity. 100% compatible with HZ modular system...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-505
Contains 6 empty bottles to make and keep your mixes safely. Prepare your own mixes in these 17 ml bottles. Includes a stainless steel ball to shake your paint...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-852
Marta Kolinsky hair brush perfect for painting miniatures.This length will give you great precision, optimal resistance, softness and durability...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-851
Marta Kolinsky hair brush perfect for painting miniatures.This length will give you great precision, optimal resistance, softness and durability...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-8065
This blister includes 3 glass fibre refill parts for use with the reference AK-8058. The fiberglass tips allow to scrub and sand the surface and are a very useful tool for modellers. Use protections for hands and eyes when using this tool.*Includes 3 refills 4mm..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9080
The best stencil for your modelling needs. Easily enhance visual interest and create the perfect background for weathering. The Airbrush Stencil is flexible, easy to adapt, it doesn't damage the surface, easy to clean and is versatile enough to be used for any scale. -Place the stencil in place. ..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9300
This set contains brushes from the Dry Brush series, made of high quality and resistant synthetic hair, with a rounded tip similar to those used in make-up brushes.It includes four brushes of different sizes, specially designed to make the most of the dry brush technique and maintain their shape. ..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-621
Special Brush for dry brush effects.The soft and thick hair allows the modeller to make a controlled dry brush effect.Just use any type of paint, and dry the hair on a non-residue paper or cloth.Apply the paint onto the reliefs by rubbing the details to obtain volume.Recommended for bases, b..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-585
This brush has synthetic bristles in a triangular shape.The ferrule is flat like a normal flat brush, but on one side the hairs are much longer than on the other side.It allows a large amount of paint to be loaded and more random marks to be made.The triangular shape and fine tip are also very..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-584
This comb-shaped brush with synthetic bristles is suitable for weathering processes that require irregular, parallel brush strokes or marks on a surface...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-583
This comb-shaped brush with synthetic bristles is suitable for weathering processes that require irregular, parallel brush strokes or marks on a surface...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-8076
Reusable putty for masking areas when airbrushing. Specially designed to leave no residue on any surface. Can be easily removed without damaging other painted areas. Doesn't stain and is grease free. The best quality with the best price in a perfect product for modellers that can be adapted to any s..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-613
This practical aluminum pallet is suitable for all kind of paints, thinners and modelling products. Enamels, acrylics, acetone, lacquers, alcohol, thinners of all kinds can be used without affecting the metal pallet, making it an everlasting tool. Its 10 wells and central surface will allow you to m..
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