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Brand: Print Scale Decals SKU: PRSPSR48012
The Wright R-1820 Cyclone 9 is an American air-cooled piston 9-cylinder aircraft engine developed by Curtiss-Wright and widely used on various aircraft types in the 1930s and 1950s. Outside the US, it was also manufactured under license in Spain by Hispano-Suiza and in the Soviet Union. Used on the..
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Brand: Print Scale Decals SKU: PRSPSR48011
The R-2800 Double Wasp was the primary aircraft engine of the Anglo-American Air Force in World War II. This engine was used to power fighters such as Brewster XA-32, Breguet Deux-Ponts, Canadair CL-215, Canadair C-5 North Star, Consolidated TBY Sea Wolf, Convair 240, 340, and 440, Curtiss P-60, Cur..
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Brand: Kamizukuri SKU: KFP-19
Laser cut craft paper kit..
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Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48235
This set contains a pair of accurate resin cast intake fairings to replace the poorly shaped and basic kit intakes. These new intakes feature the auxiliary intake lips molded in the extended position, as they were frequently seen on the ground. Also included are 4 beautifully detailed intake covers ..
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Brand: Plus Model SKU: PLUS-AL7013
The Wright R-3350 was a twin-row, 18-cylinder radial engine that was developed from the Wright R-1820 Cyclone and was one of the most powerful radial engines produced in the United States. Work on the engine began in January 1936 and the first R-3350 was run in May 1937. Development proceeded slowly..
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Brand: Plus Model SKU: PLUS-AL7056
The resin set contains eight 15-KS-1000 rocket engines, decals and a sheet metal etched sheet...
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Brand: Plus Model SKU: PLUS-AL4070
US auxiliary rocket engines usable for many types of military transport aircraft in the post-war period. The set contains resin parts, a photoetched sheet and decals for eight engines. Glue and paint are not included...
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Brand: Taurus Models SKU: TAU-D3202
Valves in open or closed position. Fits perfectly to WNW models...
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