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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7494
Undercarriage main wheels with separate cast hubs, a tail wheel leg made from special very tough PX resin, plus a separate cast tail wheel, all of which is designed to fit Airfix's Mosquito B Mk.XVI. As these Airfix kits feature a rather serious flaw - the undercarriage legs are very close to each o..
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7496
New main undercarriage wheels for Airfix Beaufort Mk.I/II torpedo bomber models. These weighed wheels sport much better detail than the kit parts...
US$8.82 23 % OFF
Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-Q72384
Detail resin wheels for the new and excellent Bf 109E made by Special Hobby. There will be no trouble using the wheels with other kits, too...
US$8.14 20 % OFF
Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7479
Detail resin cast main wheels and tailwheel for the Junkers Ju 88A-4 and later versions...
US$8.82 23 % OFF
Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-Q72146
To improve ground handling of Boomerang and Wirraway machineson unpaved airfields and in the jungle new, durable tire with squarepattern was developed. This set offers highly detailed resin mainand tail wheels of this type. It is intended for Boomerang kits(Special Hobby / Airfix) and Wirraway (Spec..
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7483
Resin wheel with late style hubs and weighed tyres with hexagonal tread as used mainly in India and the PTO....
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-4226
Contains new resin undercarriage bays including doors. The main undercarriage bays are cast together with armament bay...
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-4466
Finely detailed wheels and weighed tyres with cross-type pattern. The nose wheel comes in two types, both with and without the hub cover...
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-5139
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-5135
Superbly detailed resin cast wheels which in fact are much better than those styrene ones in the Special Hobby's Westland Whirlwind Mk.I kit. The new wheels are weighed and unlike the styrene wheels, these come in one piece, so no glueing is necessary. The set also contains a new tail wheel...
US$16.31 20 % OFF
Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-Q32412
Nicely detailed four-spoke hub wheels with weighted tyres directly replacing the styrene ones of Revell's kit...
US$15.63 18 % OFF
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