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Brand: RB Models SKU: RB 350L26
The set can be used with Classes: Quen Elizabeth, Royal Sovereign, Robert Ships: Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Valiant, Barham, Agincourt, Royal Sovereign, Empress of India, Hood, Vanguard, Glorious, Repulse, Ramillies, Resolution, Revenge, Royal Oak.381mm (15") L/42 Mk I 8 pcs/szt..
US$6.97 10 % OFF
Brand: RB Models SKU: RB 700L17
Can be used with Lutzow, Deutschland, Admiral Scheer, Admiral Graf Spee..
US$3.47 9 % OFF
Brand: RB Models SKU: RB 700L21
Can be used with Indianapolis, New Orleans, Northampton, Lexington & Pensacola classes..
US$5.57 18 % OFF
Brand: RB Models SKU: RB 350L02
Barrels are for the following kits:- HMS King George V- HMS Prince of Wales- HMS Duke of York- HMS Anson, HMS Howe..
US$8.38 12 % OFF
Brand: Aber SKU: AB 700L-35
The set contains barrels in variety sizes: 90mm, 120mm, 152mm and 381mm...
US$25.90 22 % OFF
Brand: Aber SKU: AB 700L-30
This set contains 8pcs x 203mm barrels and 12pcs x 105mm barrrels...
US$13.98 22 % OFF
Brand: Aber SKU: AB 400L-02
Includes metal barrels 280mm x9pcs, 150mm x12pcs and 105mm x14pcs..
US$23.10 21 % OFF
Brand: Aber SKU: AB 350L-45
This set contains 1/350th scale 203mm barrels x8pcs, 105mm barrels x12pcs...
US$15.39 21 % OFF
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