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Military Vehicles & Tanks

Brand: Minor SKU: M-VMT35012
* NOTE: The vehicle in the photos is just for display but not included in this set.This product contain small pieces, NOT suitable for childrens under 10 years. Contain 2 stretchers...
US$24.34 17 % OFF
Brand: Minor SKU: M-VMT35015
* NOTE: The vehicle in the photos is just for display but not included in this set.The set contains 23 parts...
US$24.34 17 % OFF
Brand: Hauler SKU: HAU-HLX48229
conversion parts for SAS Jeep..
US$27.05 18 % OFF
Brand: Hauler SKU: HAU-HLX48207
conversion parts for TAMIYA kit..
US$31.79 17 % OFF
Brand: Plus Model SKU: PLUS-156
Conversion set for Italeri kit. Contains 26 resin parts, and photo-etched sheet..
US$27.72 18 % OFF
Brand: Plus Model SKU: PLUS-250
Conversion set for Tamyia kit. Contains 8 resin parts and photoetched sheet...
US$17.57 19 % OFF
Brand: FC Model Trend SKU: FC-35501
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
US$37.88 17 % OFF
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE35227
MCTAGS - Marine Corps Transparent Armoured Gun Shield This set includes MCTAGS turret with transparent glasses and .50 Cal M2 Browning machine gun, USMC gunners figure, board hunging .50 Cal belt.*This set does NOT include any armour kit...
US$51.42 18 % OFF
Brand: LZ Models SKU: LZ35447
The upgrade set contains photo-etched parts, sheet metal profiles for crane structure, fuel tank and battery box holding structure, light mesh covers, mudguards holders, spare fuel cans, additional chain, etc. 60 photo-etched parts, 2 resin parts and brass chains included...
US$15.54 18 % OFF
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE35357
RCWS Module 32B01 used on serial vehicles Typhoon VDV, etc., 1/35 scale..
US$35.17 17 % OFF
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