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Brand: Zoukei-Mura SKU: SWS08-M05
Included Items: 2 Seater Cockpit, Outer Panels, CanopyType: Resin Parts, Vacuum Parts..
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Brand: Ozmods Models SKU: OZCONV7205
Door insert to convert Italeri C-47 to commercial DC-3...
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Brand: Ozmods Models SKU: OZCONV7211
This pack contains 4 corrected resin nacelles, 4 corrected propeller spinners, 24 thinned resin blades, and 4 vent doors...
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Brand: Ozmods Models SKU: OZCONV4820
Complete fuselage shape correction and upgrade for the A-Z kit.Also features detailed cockpit, bomb bay, engine and other detail parts.Vacform canopy also included. Full colour instructions on CD...
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Brand: Ozmods Models SKU: OZSDA48004
Detailed fuel dump mast and tail cone,plus four wing pylons. In Resin...
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Brand: Ozmods Models SKU: OZCONV4802
Eight gun nose, eight gun barrels, two 3-blade square tip props, two wing tanks, photo references. For use with Monogram kit..
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Brand: KASL Hobby SKU: KASL-K48089
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7446
Conversion set enabling the modeller to build a Beaufighter Mk.21 version which was licence-built for the Royal Australian Air Force. The set contsists of resin cast parts, vacuum-formed canopy of the observer's cockpit and a decal sheet with markings for two RAAF machines. One wearing a drawing on ..
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-Q72258
This detailed resin set brings modellers accurately shaped ventral gun pack carrying four machine guns. The gun barrels have been 3D computer designed and ooze with detail...
US$7.83 17 % OFF
Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-4398
conversion set enabling the modeller to make the reconnaissance versions based on the P-38F/G Lightning airframe consists of resin parts, clear resin parts and decal sheet decal offer 1x USAAF a 1x RAAF option..
US$26.42 17 % OFF
Brand: Wolfpack Design SKU: WP32061
AV-8B Harrier II+ Correct Air-scoop set for Trumpeter 1/32Total 4 resin partsA5 color printing manual included..
US$13.55 20 % OFF
Brand: Wolfpack Design SKU: WP32048
A-4H/N IDF 'Aa-it' Conversion set for Trumpeter 1/32DEFA 30mm Cannons,Correct vertical tail and Extended nozzle,Total 9 resin partsA4 color printing manual included..
US$37.86 17 % OFF
Brand: Bregun SKU: BRE-BRL72224
Resin conversion set..
US$19.27 19 % OFF
Brand: Ozmods Models SKU: OZCONV7216
This resin set contains: 4x Engine Nacelles, 4x Spinners, 4x Exhaust Sections, 2x Fuel Tanks and Pylons, 4x Three-Blade Props, and 2x Clear Windows...
US$22.84 18 % OFF
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48292
This set contains an accurate, detailed forward fuselage and radome to replace the inaccurate nose for the PD/PDS versions as supplied in the Kitty Hawk kit...
US$19.27 17 % OFF
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48399
This set contains a new detailed de Havilland 4 blade spinner with smaller & accurately shaped blade openings to replace the kit spinner in the Series I and Series II kits. new tool Eduard Tempest V. Can be modified for use on other other Tempest and Typhoon kits...
US$11.40 17 % OFF
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48401
Contains a new radiator front casting with the concentric ring type intake shroud that is missing from the new Eduard Tempest V kit. Tempests not fitted with dust filters would always be fitted with the shrouding to prevent hot radiator air from entering the carburettor intake. An alternate dust fil..
US$11.40 17 % OFF
Brand: Hypersonic Models SKU: HMR 48044
This conversion set includes the AN/ANQ-126 fairings for the intakes (with mounting holes to match Tamiya's moulded-on pins), a fin cap with the correct sensor bulge for the N model, a new RIO instrument panel and an external rear view mirror. Further N specific parts are already included in the Tam..
Brand: Ozmods Models SKU: OZCONV14421
Convert Revell E-2 Hawkeye to C-2A Greyhound. Clear injected plastic fuselage and injected tail plane, doors, etc. Resin detail parts. Decals for two US Navy aircraft...
US$19.98 18 % OFF
Brand: Black Dog SKU: BD-A48047
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
US$28.56 19 % OFF
Brand: KASL Hobby SKU: KASL-K32018
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
US$45.01 17 % OFF
Brand: KASL Hobby SKU: KASL-K32020
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
US$45.01 17 % OFF
Brand: Profi Modeller SKU: PROF-32314
Middle set: - set 32313 - set 32297 V1 montage for He-111..
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-48369
The beautiful Tamiya G-6 has one main problem: it's seriously limited in the number of schemes it can be built with due to a lack of alternate parts. This set supplies you with a tall fin and two different rudders, as well as the compressor bulge fitted to the starboard buele of Erla built G-5s and ..
US$10.69 21 % OFF
Brand: Barracuda SKU: BAR BR-32340
This set contains a pair of new resin wing sections featuring accurate intake & exhaust ramps to replace the flat wing sections in the kit. Also included are new detailed radiator fairings and radiator faces to replace the less detailed kit parts. Clear, illustrated step by step instructions walk yo..
US$17.84 18 % OFF
Brand: Hypersonic Models SKU: HMR 48033
Corrected tail surfaces (stabilisers, elevators and rudder) for the Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury (and early FJ-3). The FJ-2 kit only contains the ribbed elevators/rudder, which is correct for an FJ-3 and very late FJ-2's after transfer to the Reserves. FJ-2's in service (as well as early FJ-3's) had smooth-..
Brand: Hypersonic Models SKU: HMR 48029
This is a set of aft fuselage half parts that correct the shape error on the engine shoulders of the Zoukei Mura short nose Phantoms. in addition to the re-shaped geometry, some surface detail has been improved. Please note that this is not a drop-fit replacement set. Cutting of the fuselage is requ..
Brand: SBS Model SKU: SBS48074
resin/decalsDecals for Battle of Britain Movie versions + bonus decal for G-BOML Hispano HA-1112 M.1L Buchon 'Movie Star - 1...
US$38.57 18 % OFF
Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7024
It contains vacu-formed canopy, photo-etched parts, complete interior and conversion parts, decal sheet for 2 markings US Army...
US$31.42 18 % OFF
Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-4407
This correction set brings nice level of detail and has been designed to fit the new Airfix's DH.82 Tiger Moth kit. Besides being better at details, it also corrects various shape flaws of the kit, namely in the cockpit where the floor and the adjacent parts are not exactly spot on. The set also off..
US$25.70 17 % OFF
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