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Brand: SBS Model SKU: SBS48060
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7446
Conversion set enabling the modeller to build a Beaufighter Mk.21 version which was licence-built for the Royal Australian Air Force. The set contsists of resin cast parts, vacuum-formed canopy of the observer's cockpit and a decal sheet with markings for two RAAF machines. One wearing a drawing on ..
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-7438
This set is labeled as correction as it in essential way alters the look of the wheel bays of the Airfix's 1/72 Beaufighter kit. The original styrene ones are much too simplified. The new resin cast bays have not only correct shape but also all the important details and features missing from the kit..
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-4455
The Sukhoi aircraft of the Su-17/22 family came out of the production plant with two types of the engine. They could be either fitted with a Lyulka jet of the Al-7F-1 or AL-21F-3 types, or with Tumansky R-29BS-300 power unit which differed in size from the Lyulkas. The 1/48 kit made by Kitty Hawk of..
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-4398
conversion set enabling the modeller to make the reconnaissance versions based on the P-38F/G Lightning airframe consists of resin parts, clear resin parts and decal sheet decal offer 1x USAAF a 1x RAAF option..
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-4233
Contains completely new vacu formed canopy hoods of corrected shapes. The set includes cushioning and bracers for the cockpits' hoods...
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-5142
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-5027
It contains parts for converting Ju 88A to night fighter and long range version Ju 88C-2 that carried 1x MG 151/20 and 3x MG 17 in new nose...
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Brand: Wolfpack Design SKU: WP32061
AV-8B Harrier II+ Correct Air-scoop set for Trumpeter 1/32Total 4 resin partsA5 color printing manual included..
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Brand: KASL Hobby SKU: KASL-K48089
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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Brand: KASL Hobby SKU: KASL-K32018
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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Brand: KASL Hobby SKU: KASL-K32019
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
US$25.20 17 % OFF
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