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Now all members at BNA Model World can save more with this reward programme!



Q: What are BNA Points?
A: As an account holder at, every dollar (in AUD) you spend will earn you 1 BNA Point excluding shipping costs (Spend AU$1 = Earn 1 BNA Point). BNA Points are bonus points that give you even more savings on items! At checkout, simply redeem the points you have earned for further discounts. Earn enough points and get items for FREE!

Currently 100 BNA Points is equal to AUD $3.
e.g. (Your BNA Points) x 0.03 = AUD$ Value
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Q: How do I earn BNA Points?
A: First, make sure you already have an account with us. (Still not? Then click here to join us today!) Second, purchase and earn!
BNA Points will be credited to your account automatically for every successful transaction (ordered, paid and shipped). Points remain "pending" before your order is dispatched.
You can find point info after price line on each product page (See the following image). You can also learn how many points you are going to earn during checkout process.

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Q: How do I redeem BNA Points?
A: You can use BNA Points to purchase anything you want in our store. Simply redeem the BNA Points during the checkout process in order to get a further discount or if you have enough BNA Points you will be able to get the item(s) you want for FREE!

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Q: Where can I know about my earned points?
A: You can find your point info on "My Account" page. It shows:
- Your total BNA Points you have earned (plus how many points which are still pending);
- Your total BNA Point value
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Q: Do BNA Points expire?
A: BNA Points expire in 12 months if unused.
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Q: Will I earn BNA Points for delivery and handling fee?
A: Sorry, the delivery and handling fee is excluded when calculating the amount of points earned.
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Q: What happen with the BNA Points if I have the item refunded?
A: If an item is refunded, the BNA Points you have earned by purchasing this product will be deducted from your account.
If an item is purchased by using BNA Points in conjunction with any other kind of payment, we will refund the money and BNA Points you have used.
An item is $16.85 + $3.9(Shipping Cost) = Total Amount of $20.75 AUD.
You have used 500 BNA Points (Value = $15) to get $15 discount so total amount now is $5.75. Then you paid $5.75 to purchase this item.
You have earned 2 BNA Points. (As Shipping Cost is excluded when calculating the amount of points earned)
To refund this item, you will have 2 BNA Points deducted from your account, but will have $5.75 refunded plus 500 BNA Points back to you.
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Q: Is there a limit to how many BNA Points I can earn?
A: No, every member can earn CrazyPoints without any limit!
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Q: Can I transfer my BNA Points to another person?
A: Sorry, the points are non-transferable.
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For other question(s) which isn't listed above, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.