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Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1071
Tyre x 4 (white wall 1-24)Overall height: 29.2mmWheel opening: 17.7mm Width: 7mm wide...
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1087
Tyre x 4 (prostreet) Rear Overall height: 34mm Wheel opening: 15.4-16.8mmdifferent on each side Width: 21.4mmWall height: 8-9mm.Front Overall height: 26mmWheel opening: 15.2mmWidth: 7.5mmWall height: 5mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1089
Tyre x 4 (prostreet)Front Overall height: 26.4mmWidth: 6mmWheel opening: 16.3mmRear Overall height: 34.1mmWidth: 19mmWheel opening: 18mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1081
Tyre x 4 (hot rod) Fronts:Inner Diameter=17.1mmOuter Diameter=28.2mm Tyre width=6.9mm Rears:Inner Diameter=18.2mm Outer Diameter=30.5mm Tyre width=9.3mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1066
measurements : 3.33 cm x 2.38 cm 3.07 cm x 1.89 cm 2.86 cm x 1.28 cm..
Brand: Scale Production SKU: SPRF24159-1
The full set contains the following parts: 4 aluminium rings (23.5mm). 4 wheel inserts (3D printed) 4 Tyres..
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Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1302
Tyre, wheel and back pack (truck tyre) Overall height: 30.6mm Width: 8.4mm Wheel opening: 17mm Tread width: 6mm..
Brand: The Parts Box SKU: TPB-1070
Tyre x 4 (Hot rod white wall)#1070 inner diameter is 17.4mmThe wheel backs to fit these tyres are No.1116 and the steelies to fit are No.1111.There is a story behind these tyres.... Started out as.....Rears: 41 Lincoln Monogram (made the centre diameter smaller and then mastered a white wall to fit ..
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