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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 70401
A modelling paste which dries to a white, totally opaque, stone hard finish. It is used principally for rebuilding or restructuring models and miniatures, for textures and high reliefs. For extra high relief the paste should be applied in layers, allowing each to dry before applying the next...
Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 70098
The new style of Vallejo Carry Case is perfect for storing or carrying your Model Colour, Model Air, Game Colour or Panzer Aces paints. It can hold seventy-two paints as well as three brushes...
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV T06004
These blades work with various materials such as paper, card, plastic, balsa and foils and can be used for fine cuts, carving, and etching, piercing, scoring, scraping, scribing and trimming...
Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 77604
Metallic colours for painting radial or linear aircraft engines. The colours included in the set can be used as a base for painting most of the radial or linear engines of any period...
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 63061
Premium is a range of acrylic colours specifically designed for airbrushing and for optimum adherence on surfaces such as fiberglass, polyethylene, polycarbonate, metal and Lexan. Premium has been formulated with permanent pigments and a new, extremely resistant hybrid resin of acrylic-polyurethane...
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 62061
Water based and nontoxic 'Tuning' color. Strong and impact resistant - ideal for use on R/C car body shells. Usable on all surfaces including Lexan, plastics, wood and metal. Can be diluted with Premium Reducer. 60ml plastic bottle with eye dropper nozzle and flip-top lid...
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 26650
Hybrid varnish formulated with an acrylic-urethane dispersion. It gives excepcional strenght and resistance to scratches. Permanent, dries rapidly. Applies easily with brush or airbrush. Product may irritate eyes and skin...
Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 73190
The pigment set includes a step by step guide by Chema Cabrero to assist in creating the effects of Dust & Dirt on models and dioramas...
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV T12002
This pick up tool is specially designed with impregnated silicone tip with the required tackiness for accurately picking up and placing of small components. For plastic model components, decals and other small components...
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 71612
Set designed for painting the scale models of space ships, jet hunters, star bombers or escort fighters of the Science Fiction universe, or for painting the models from Sci Fi film epics...
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 70146
16 bottles of acrylic colours:801 Brass820 Offwhite862 Black Grey907 Palle Grey Blue911 Light Orange913 Yellow Ochre916 Sand Yellow 926 Red930 Dark Blue941 Burnt Umber948 Golen Yellow961 Sky Blue970 Deep Green974 Green Sky985 Hull Red989 Sky Grey..
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