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White Ensign Models

Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE751
Designed for the Trumpeter Kirov, Frunze, Kalinin and Peter Velikiy. This set contains 4-bar railings, 3-bar railings, 2-bar railings, bow section railings, aft top dome railing, jack staff, fo'c'sle inclined ladders, mainmast platform rear support (Kirov), fo'c'sle light array mast, mainmast ensign..
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Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE742
This set contains: 1022 radar front plate, 1022 radar screen, 1022 radar back rrame, 1006 navigation radar, DF antenna mounting (late fit), aft funnel front yards (late fit), mainmast top platform yards (port), mainmast top platform yards (starboard), SCOT platform supports, SCOT platform (starboard..
US$44.49 18 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE702
To suit all Modern Royal Navy kits or any other modern vessel...
US$8.19 20 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE780
This set contains railings for: bow sections, foc'sle sections, mainmast starfish, catapult forward and aft, lower forward superstructure, parts B2, B19, B31 and B43, quarterdeck aft sections, canvassed and open upper boat decks, canvassed and open flag signal decks, lower boat deck, upper and lower..
US$22.57 18 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE716
This set contains: Replacement bulwarks, vertical ladders, 3-bar railings, 2-bar railings, Sea Harrier details, Sea King details, anchor cable, 1022 radar scanner, 35' workboat davits, lower boat deck davits, Huntress davits, hull intake grilles, Huntress launch bow rails, aft escape ladder, crane j..
US$32.85 17 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE766
This set contains: standard 3-bar, 2-bar platform and close stanchion railings; splinter matting, 291 radar antenna, .5" Vickers quad gun mounting, searchlight lens cross, bridge awning and windshield, forward and aft blast shield supports; oars, thwarts, rudders and securing straps for 27' whalers,..
US$11.61 19 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE632
This set contains: 3-bar Railings, 2-bar Railings, 8 barrelled Pom Pom Assembly, .5" Quad Machine Gun Assembly, 27' Whaler Thwarts and Oars, Main Crane Base, Aircraft Crash barrier, Bridge Roof and Windscreen, Bridge Roof Platform Brace, . Crane Hooks, Main Crane Jib, Crash barrier Deck Plat..
US$44.49 18 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE624
This set contains all the specific parts for the Airfix Victorious, Fearless, Devonshire, Leander, Tiger, Amazon and Daring. You only need buy one of these sets to cover all of these kits, but for each model will need to buy one PE 625, which contains the more generic fittings such as rails.Contains..
US$28.74 17 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE621
Contains degaussing cable for those modellers wishing to convert to WWII troop carrying fit.Contains: 3-Bar Safety Rails, Inboard Fitting, 6-Bar Safety Rails, Seaward Fitting, Davit Upper, Standard, Davit Lower, Standard, Large Vent Grille (Queen Mary), Small Vent Grille, (Queen Mary), Anchor Cable,..
US$44.49 18 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE618
Contains: Top Sail Supports, Top Sail Rear Vanes, Top Sail Screen, Top Sail Diapole, Top Sail Platform, Headlights Top Brackets, Headlights Mounting Frame, Headlights Diapoles, Headlights Screens, Headlights Screen Mountings, Headnet Radar Scanners, Mack Aft Corner Yard, Goblet Missile Launcher Part..
US$24.63 19 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE610
It includes vertical and inclined ladders, and catwalks. This set contains: 112 scale feet Inclined ladders with handrails, 50 feet of double width inclined ladders with handrails and centre handrail,230 scale feet of vertical ladders with handraills, 2 x boarding ladders and platforms with handrail..
US$5.45 20 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE616
Designed to fit the Airfix kit, which is an early 1930's fit. This set contains the aircraft catapult that was fitted on the quaterdeck at this time, which may be added together with a Fairey F IIIF from our "Professional" range.Contains: Crane Jib Lower Section,Crane Jib Main Section,Crane Body,Cra..
US$44.49 18 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE615
Contains: Crane booms and details, Type 281 radar aerials,Catapult with several details, Funnel grills and fittings, 20mm single Oerlikons with shield, 20mm twin Oerlikon barrels, Foremast and mainmast starfish and yardarms and mast top platforms, 8-barrelled pom-poms,4-barrelled pom-poms (for an ea..
US$44.49 18 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE4801
Includes WWII tie-down strips and modern pad eyes, plus chains...
US$29.42 17 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE35169
Contains: 3-Bar Railing (Main Deck Sections), Midships AA Gun Platform Supports (Early), Midships AA Gun Platform Supports (Late), Railings (Galley Roof), Railings (Foc'sle Deck), Railings (X Gun Deck), Railings (Foc'sle Sheer8.Railings (B Gun Deck), Railings (Pom Pom Deck), Lattice Mast Yardarms, 2..
US$43.81 18 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE3567
Contains: Stock 3-Bar Railings, Stock 2-Bar Railings, Torpedo Net Shelf Sections, Front to Rear, Port & Starboard, Forward Boat Catwalk Railings, Mainmast Starfish Assembly, Foremast Starfish Assembly, Bow and Stern Doors, Large Boat Thwarts, Small Boat Thwarts, Whaleboat Thwarts, Funnel Cap Grill..
US$65.73 6 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE35159
WEM 1/350 Oars for Ships' Boats (PE 35159). 124 oars in 3 different sizes...
US$9.56 18 % OFF
Brand: White Ensign Models SKU: WEM-PE3517
Designed for the ICM Konig & Grosser Kurfurst kits (see also our pre-1917 mast for these ships, PRO 3503, and PE 35020 torpedo nets). Contains normal tensioned railings in 2 and 3 bar format, chain and cable types, 2 bar chain railings drooping between stanchions, breach mechanisms for the 88s, acc..
US$44.49 18 % OFF
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