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Basecoat Thinners 500ml
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Brand: Zero Paints SKU: ZP-5106
For more info about Zero paints, please read Zero Paints Colour Description.pdf500ml can of Basecoat Thinners for use with the Zero Paints colour matched paint range.Please Note: During 2020/2021 Zero Paint has struggled to get the glass bottles they have used years. Now they have swapped to PET pl..
Aqua Gloss Clear (lacquer, 60ml)
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Brand: Alclad SKU: ALC-600-60
Alclad II's 60ml products for injected polystyrene kits and polycarbonate bodies..
Aeropoxy Laminating Resin & Hardener (2 x 300g)
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Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-BD1
Super thin epoxy for wing skinning, laminating and moulding.Use with lightweight glass cloth to add strength and toughness to models...
Aerokote Gloss Catalyst (15ml)
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Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-BD47
For brush or spray application.Touch dry in 5-10 minutes for dust free finish.Of all the finishes you can apply Aerokote is the ultimate. Resistant to hot alcohol, gasoline or kerosene containing high nitro methane and mineral, castor, synthetic ester, or poly-glycol synthetic oils...
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Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-BD61
Converts Aerokote Gloss to satin or matt finish. A simple matting agent that blends readily with Aerokote gloss to give it a satin or matt finish. Just measure & add ??Make it Matt?? to Aerokote Gloss in the quantities as tabulated below and then add standard Aerokote catalyst to the mix in ratio 1..
Acrylic Polyurethane - Parched Grass Green Surface Primer 17ml
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 70610
Primers are formulated to provide the correct undercoating to bind the paint to the surface of the model. Primers are the important first step in the entire process of model painting.This primer can be applied directly by airbrush or paint brush. There is no need to thin the primer. It dry fast and ..
100ml Paint Stripper for Plastic
Future Release
Brand: Zero Paints SKU: ZP-5119
This has been tested and work well on Zero Paints Basecoat ColoursPLEASE READ BEFORE USE :Wear gloves. Protect textiles and vinyl materials. Shake container well before use. Directions for use: transfer the required amount of paint stripper into a suitable container. Apply a generous coat onto the..
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