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Brand: Testors SKU: TES-TT1161
Glosscote is a lacquer-based clear overcoat, used to seal and protect painted surfaces. It is used for achieving a smooth glossy finish, over flat paint for good decal adhesion, or for a smooth and shiny protective layer. Features:It can be used over all Testor/Pactra/Model Master enamels and acryli..
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Brand: Testors SKU: TES-TP1160
Crystal clear, flat overcoat for altering glossy surfaces or protecting decals..
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Brand: Testors SKU: TES-TP3527
Safe and fast drying. Joins polystyrene to polystyrene. Precision applicator for precise application of cement.Includes cleaning wires for applicator tip. Carded packaging...
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Testors Contour Putty 18g
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Brand: Testors SKU: TES-TP3511
Use for filling seams and customizing.Use masking tape to limit the area where the putty will spread. Use a toothpick or spatula type tool to apply the putty evenly over the seam or depression. Remove as much excess putty as possible while it is still wet. Let the putty drive overnight, then sand th..
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Acrylic Thinner (4oz / 118ml)
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Brand: Testors SKU: TES-TP50496
For use with Testors, Model Master, Floquil Pollyscale acrylics and Aztek airbrushable acrylicsUse only with water based paintsRed plastic cap and stopper for storage purposesSmall hole in the tip of bottle for drop-by-drop application..
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Clear Parts Cement & Window Maker 29.5ml
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Brand: Testors SKU: TES-TP3515
Use for cementing clear polystyrene parts like canopies, windows and windshields, and headlight lenses to your plastic model.Will not craze plastic.Does not yellow.Leaves no unsightly residue.Non-toxic.Washes up with water.Can also be used for making small windows-instructions for this are included ..
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Enamel Thinner and Brush Cleaner (1-3/4 fl. oz. / 51.7ml)
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Brand: Testors SKU: TES-TT1156
This is 1-3/4 ounce Brush Cleaner. It is easy and quick clean-up of brushes with this Brush Cleaner...
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Non-Toxic Cement for Plastic Model 18ml
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Brand: Testors SKU: TES-TP3521
Non-Toxic Cement for Plastic is specially formulated for joining all polystyrene plastics. Non-Toxic Cement for Plastic can be used in the construction of plastic model kits and is versatile - great for everything from plastic to Styrofoam. Recommended for ages 8 years and up...
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