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Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-002
It is an upgrade for Tamiya M3 halftracks, including the Drive Wheel and rear wheel. This is an upgrade version of the old set with 2 extra parts and a new Drive Wheel...
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Brand: K59 SKU: K59-Z-16
This is a highly accurate resin kit with 20 resin parts & 2 resin jigs. All parts are design/reproduced according to the real gun mount using measurements taken from the Hetzer at Austria Museum. For all 1:35 scale Hetzer, StuG 3 and StuG 4...
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Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-019
1:35 Resin parts + Photo-etched parts + Aluminium barrel for Dragon kit..
US$54.45 17 % OFF
1/35 MG42 Rear Pivot Mount for SdKfz 250 Neu, SdKfz 251 Ausf.D,etc. (4 Resin & 3 PE parts)
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-010
Including 4 resin parts & 3 photo-etched partsFor sdkfz 250 neu, sdkfz 251 ausf.D and various german armour car..
US$12.22 21 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-009
This 1:35 scale kit comes with a resin machine gun with details at all 4 sides: a highly detailed drum magazine; resin bipods in closed and opened position; PE sling, gun slight, etc.- new PE for the slings - Total number of resin parts increased to 13nos...
US$17.67 17 % OFF
1/35 MG42 Armoured Mount for SdKfz 250 Neu & SdKfz 251 Ausf.D (5 Resin & 1 PE parts)
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-011
For Sdkfz 250 neu and Sdkfz 251 Ausf.D.Including 5 resin parts and 1 photo-etched parts..
US$13.59 20 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-026
This kit include 81 resin parts and 16 resin Shell End Plates to replace/upgrade all Ammo Bins from Tamiya Marder 3 Sdkfz 139 (MM248). Fully detail Ammo Bin which could be built with or without lid. Sections of Shell Storage Tube included, details faithfully reproduced. MP40 magazine pouch is cast w..
US$40.83 17 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-021
The set includes 28 resin parts, 18 resin spend shell case and photo-etched parts.Product Details:- Rear sight could be build into raised/lowered position, - Lock Bar is included inside gun mount pintle, - Quick release pin has a round resin pin with photo-etched front detail...
US$23.80 18 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-025
1 :35 scale resin kit This kit contains 26 resin parts, one resin jig, 18 spend resin shell and PE parts. Description: This kit include parts to built one M2HB with an early M23 gun mount. A highly detail one piece cast M2HB gun with separate barrel support. Detail gun sights , the rear sight could ..
US$23.80 18 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-008
This 16 parts upgrade kit for Dragon M2/M3 half track includes the Sprocket and Rear idler with much finer ribs; realistic rear idler spring; exhaust pipe mount; re-detailed return roller mount......
US$25.16 18 % OFF
1/35 2cm Flak Ammo set (incl. Magazines, Ammo Boxes, Projectiles & Shells)
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-012
This set includes:- 14 Magazines;2 Lid-open Ammo Box;8 Lid-close Ammo Box;12 Sprgr Projectile;12 Pzgr Projectile;30 ShellsThe Ammo box fits perfectly into the floor space of Trisatr and Dragon's Flak 38T (See photos)...
US$21.76 18 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-023
This kit is to replace the driving compartment of Bronco kit 35004/35005 and Trumpeter kit 00353/00354 It includes: A highly detail transmission with switchboard and various controls. The steering brake is faithfully reproduced with the perforated cover on the left side With 8 resin parts and intric..
US$63.98 17 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-Z-17
This kit is specially produced to fit K59's Remote Control Mg Mount (item Z-16) but it could also be use on all other panzers as well. Contain 12 resin parts & 2 PE parts including brackets for attaching the mg to StuG mg shield.The barrel, main gun body and ammo cover is produced as one single part..
US$17.67 17 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-024
This kit is to replace the 10.5cm Gun and Cradle of Tamiya Wespe kit. It includes: One piece cast Cradle with full details and thin wall. Adjusting rod inside Cradle is faithfully reproduced. Cradle front, cradle trunnion mount plate, recoil return scale... etc are all highly detailed. Breech block ..
US$44.23 17 % OFF
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-013
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a tank model kit...
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1/35 WWII German 7.5cm Pak40 Anti-Tank Gun Upgrade Set for Dragon / AFV Club kits
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Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-020
This kit include the full upper carriage and gun shield to replace the one from Dragon and AFV club. It could be used on the 75mm Pak40 gun and SP guns with the Pak40.- 53 resin parts + PE parts + aluminium barrel- All details are faithfully reproduced such as the gun sight, cleaning rod head storag..
US$47.64 17 % OFF
1/35 WWII German 2cm Flak38 Upgrade Set for Dragon kits
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Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-022
This set comes unassembled and unpainted.The picures show:- The 2cm gun with cradle attached. The main body and the barrel is casted in one piece.- Cradle with side ring attached. The gun will insert into the 2 small hooks at rear and lock by pin in front, as the real gun.- A new Ring Base is includ..
US$61.94 18 % OFF
1/35 76.2mm F22 Upgrade set for Bronco kit (Resin parts, Barrel Not included)
Out Of Stock
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-018
Metal Barrel is Not included.- Total number of resin parts increased to 29nos. - NO aluminium barrel included..
US$36.43 17 % OFF
1/35 M2HB with Early Gun Mount (Full Resin kit w/PE)
Out Of Stock
Brand: K59 SKU: K59-C-015
Only ONE gun and one mount plus 25 resin shells are included. Can be built as either D36960 or D54075...
US$18.05 17 % OFF
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