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Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9100
High quality compressed cardboard base for painting clips.Painting clips not included (AK9127)..
Brand: ZEP System SKU: ZEP-MSJ03
Support for the assembly, painting, treatment and transport of large-scale aircraft. Light, rigid, high quality and ecological.Applicable to 1/32 and 1/24 scales, other scales are possible depending on the size of the model. For other scales, check out our other available sizes. This stand has ..
Brand: Manwa SKU: MW-2123
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Brand: Scale Motorsport SKU: SMS 1108
Grabit StiX is a revolutionary new small parts placement tool designed to work with small modeling parts and accessories.Each kit contains 15 re-usable Grabit StiX packaged in a matchbook clip.* Paint Small Part* Glue Small Parts* Set Screws of All Types* Thread Nuts and Bolts* Reposition Delicate P..
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Brand: Delta SKU: DL83013
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Brand: Hobby Zone SKU: HZ-AC1
Airbrush Painting Clips Holder is a perfect solution for airbrush painting smaller elements of your hobby project in spray booth.Main features: - product comes with 10 elastic clip holders- holders length 17,5 cm- ideal for use in a spray booth or at the desk- desktop base with..
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Brand: U-Star SKU: UA-90150
With special head to avoid damage when clipping the parts..
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Brand: ZEP System SKU: ZEP-MS201
Multipurpose support to use as:Wet acrylic palette, using the base, hydration towel and hydration paper sheets. Oil palette, using the base and absorbent cardboard sheets. Support for handling large decals. Base for placing parts during assembly Flexible cover included, to avoid paint from d..
Brand: Trumpeter Models SKU: TR 09914
- holding parts while painting - holding parts while adding details - holding parts while applying glue Two types clamp/clips (tooth grip clamp&flat grip clamp) are provided...
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Brand: U-Star SKU: UA-90030
5x Clips (Large) + 5x Clips + 5x Holders (w/round head) + 5x Holders (w/cone head)..
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Brand: Manwa SKU: MW-2139
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Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9127
20 units of metal alligator clips with the sticks and tips made from plastic, allowing for better grip without damaging the held pieces. Intended for clamping parts for the painting phase. The tweezers are covered with a plastic layer to avoid damaging the parts. The grip of the tweezers is precise ..
Brand: U-Star SKU: UA-90029
Includes:3x Clips (Large) + 3x Clips + 3x Holders (w/round head) + 3x Holders (w/cone head);1x Painting clips base/holder (15x10cm)..
US$10.93 17 % OFF
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