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Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT08
PT-08 Zap Thin CA (cyanoacrylate) 1 oz features:- SUPERIOR PENETRATING FORMULA - SUPER THIN - WATER LIKE CONSISTENCY - BONDS AND CURES IN 1 TO 5 SECONDS - WORKS ON MOST MATERIALS - AVAILABLE IN 5 CONVENIENT SIZESSuper-thin penetrating formula. Works great on most materials, especial..
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Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT04
PT04 Zap-A-Gap CA+ Super Glue Medium Viscosity (0.25 oz / 7 g) features:- Superior gap filling formula- Medium viscosity- Allow approximately 7 to 10 seconds for part positioning- Average of 20 seconds for curing- Works on oily surfaces- Use zip kicker to accelerate cure timeFills gaps. Works well o..
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Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT33
Product Features:- Very high viscosity formula- Super thick and super strong- Allows part positioning for approximately 30 to 40 seconds- Use zip kicker to accelerate cure timeThick and strong for high-stress areas. Works well on hard woods such as Maple and Oak. In modelling its ideal for laminatin..
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Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD88
The adhesive allows parts to be positioned correctly before it is cured using the UV light supplied. Roket UV bonds hard plastic, grip, wood & metal and has many advantages over other glues:Crystal clear bonds Non- blooming Fast solid cure on demand as short 1-3 seconds Odourless in use Rapid tack..
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Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD59
Spray which permits Roket CA (AD43-46) to bond difficult surfaces and accelerate the cure. Pre-condition surfaces and then apply Roket CA (AD43-46) for instant bond...
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Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT09
SUPERIOR PENETRATING FORMULASUPER THIN - WATER LIKE CONSISTENCYBONDS AND CURES IN 1 TO 5 SECONDSWORKS ON MOST MATERIALS Super-thin penetrating formula. Works great on most materials, especially Balsa and other soft woods. Excellent "wicking" action. Strengthens fiberglass cloth. Some uses besides ho..
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Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD75
For easy bonding of railway ballast & scatters.Ready to use. Rapid spreading. Clear matt finish.Super thin, ready mixed adhesive for bonding scenic granular materials e.g. model railroad ballast, coal & other scale modelling landscape products. Low viscosity & capillary action ensures rapid, efficie..
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Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-12014
Wolverine, is a white glue of high quality and high resistance with drying accelerator. It offers all typical properties of white glue and faster drying. Especially suitable for work on transparent parts and for resistant and invisible joints. Useful for gluing wood, paper, cardboard, cork, wicker, ..
Brand: Voyager Models SKU: TEZ066
The set contains 1x photo-etched sheet...
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Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT19
PT-19 PLASTI-ZAP Medium Viscosity features: - MEDIUM VISCOSITY FORMULA - CURES CLEAN AND CLEAR - WILL NOT ATTACK PAINT - WORKS ON MOST PLASTIC AND VINYL - NON-FLAMMABLE - NON-SNIFFABLEMedium viscosity for plastics. Nonflammable. Cures clear. Won't attack paint. Great on most plastic models..
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Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-12026
CA-glue activator designed to reduce the bonding time to mere seconds. Especially useful for gluing elements with small contact surface...
Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 87138
This CA Cement Accelerator enables quicker curing of CA cement. Apply the accelerator to one cementing surface and the CA cement to the other. A strong bond will quickly form when the two surfaces are pressed together. This is ideal for attaching small photo-etched parts or parts with a very small c..
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Brand: Zero Paints SKU: ZP-3026
For more info about Zero paints, please read Zero Paints Colour Description.pdf1x : 30ml /1 fl oz Bottle of Fisheye Eliminator / Anti-Silicone Additive for 2K Clearcoats urethanes to improve levelling and eliminate fisheyes and crater formation.Produces perfect finish in extremely difficult appli..
Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD11
Special modelling PVA glue that contains no fillers. Has unique solvent chemistry for faster drying and is superior to many D.I.Y PVA glues...
Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD10
Special modelling PVA glue that contains no fillers. Has unique solvent chemistry for faster drying and is superior to many D.I.Y PVA glues...
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Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD79
For reinforcing & repairing plastic model car bodiesImpact resistant & safe on paintDeluxe Materials Body Armour is a highly flexible polymer adhesive specially designed for reinforcing & repairing model car bodies subject to the arduous conditions of model car driving and competition...
Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD74
For clean, easy bonding of scatter & ballast.Instant grab, adjustable bond, reversible joints.Ballast Magic by Deluxe Materials is a new way to ballast track in all scales. The adhesive itself is a fine dry powder that is very easy to mix in with ballast. Once the adhesive and ballast mixture is lai..
Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD84
This adhesive allows easy bonding of railroad ballast, is ready to use and rapidly spreads without disturbing the ballast particles.It is Ideal for bonding granular materials e.g. ballast, coal and landscape products...
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Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-12002
40 ml. Special square anti rolling base. Ultra-thin precision maxoma fiber brush 1. Special density. 2. Glue by capillary action, quick drying.The Extra Thin Cement glues by capillary action with a medium / fast drying time. It is undoubtedly the best option for general assembly work...
Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT06
PT06 CA Super Glue Thin Viscosity (4 oz / 113.3 g) features:- Superior penetrating formula- Super thin - water like consistency- Bonds and cures in 1 to 5 seconds- Works on most materialsSuper-thin penetrating formula. Works great on most materials, especially Balsa and other soft woods. Excellent "..
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