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Micro Metal Foil Adhesive (to Create Realistic Metallic Surfaces)

Micro Metal Foil Adhesive (to Create Realistic Metallic Surfaces)

Fact is that nothing looks like real metal except real metal. And Micro Foil Adhesive is a very easy and very inexpensive way to apply real metal in the form of metal foil to your models. The most common foil is ordinary household foil which most people have at home. But with a little checking around you will find that there is also stainless steel foil, copper foil, etc. The softer and thinner foils are the easiest to use, but the surface you want to metal clad is not too tough, you can use anything.


1. Area to be "foiled" must be clean and dry. Unpainted surfaces work best. Remember that any imperfections or dust will show through the foil.

2. Using a flat artists's brush, apply a thin, even coating of Micro Metal Foil Adhesive to the back side of a pre-cut piece of metal foil. Avoid any visible brush strokes or puddles, as they may show on the finished model. Adhesive may be thinned with water.

3. Allow adhesive to dry  until milky appearance has disappeared completely. Foil will remain tacky until applied.

4. Gently lay foil on the area to be covered. The foil can be moved slightly to allow for minor adjustments.

5. Burnish the foil onto the model's surface, using a cotton swab or rounded toothpick. Work from the center outward.

6. Clean up while still wet with water, or use paint thinner when dry.

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