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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-25045
JUWEELINIS"Diorama"10er MIXTURE JUWEELA'SSometimes as a model maker I don't know which material is right for my diorama.Or for a project you don't need much, but you need a lot of different material.Or I would like to try something first.Or I love the variety. Or I want to give away s..
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Brand: Hauler SKU: HAU-HLU35087
PE- resin set of street lamps..
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Brand: Hauler SKU: HAU-HLU35078
resin kit of farm wagon..
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Brand: MiniArt SKU: MA35612
Unassembled Plastic Model Kit:Box Contains Model of Street Fruit Shop2 Decal Options Included..
Brand: MiniArt SKU: MA35639
Highly detailed plastic model kit. Kit contains models of: metal fence, benches, drain hatches, road columns, street lamps & clocks..
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Brand: MiniArt SKU: MA35610
Kit contains unassembled plastic model of Cafe: 2 Street Umbrellas (3 layouts-Options) 2 Plastic Tables 6 Plastic Chairs 24 Sweet Drink Cans 0.33ml 9 Glasses (3 types) 6 Cups (2 types) 3 Saucers 20 Beer Bottles 11 Carton boxes Ice Cream Fridge (2 Decal-Options)..
US$24.99 19 % OFF
Brand: MiniArt SKU: MA35578
Kit contains 52 parts for assembling models of Buckets, Cans, Washbowl and Water Pump...
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Brand: Plus Model SKU: PLUS-486
NOTE: Kit comes unassembled and unpainted.The set contains 39 resin parts and decals...
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Brand: Plus Model SKU: PLUS-DP3015
The set contains ten posts printed with 3D technology. Glue and paints are not included in the package...
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Brand: NOCH SKU: NOCH-34240
The "Road Marking Stencils" are perfect for recreating a true-to-life model landscape with ease. The stencils are made in such a way that you get a perfect result when it comes to model roads. Whether it's centre lines between lanes, zebra crossings, traffic islands, roundabouts or other designs on ..
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Brand: Black Dog SKU: BD-3D35008
US$30.55 33 % OFF
Brand: Joefix Studio's SKU: JOE-349
Scale: 1/16, 1/18, 1/20, 1/22, 1/24, 1/25, 1/30, 1/32, 1/35, 1/48, 1/50, 1/66, 1/72, 1/75, 1/76, 1/80, 1/85, 1/87, 1/90, 1/96..
US$23.60 22 % OFF
Brand: Drums and Crates SKU: DC1721
German WWII checkpoint consisting of a wooden sentry box and a road barrier (includes printed "Halt" sign).This is a resin model kit, which comes unpainted...
US$14.25 18 % OFF
Brand: Drums and Crates SKU: DC5505
The kit contains pieces to build a typical parisian street lamp including translucent glass, led light and battery holder.(Requires some assembly)..
US$17.34 18 % OFF
Brand: CIX Models SKU: CIX-M042
This is a resin model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required...
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Brand: Reality In Scale SKU: RIS-35139
This is a set of 2 highly detailed street lamps. To achieve the maximum in detail and realism, this kit contains laser cut parts, pre marked glazing and clear resin light bulbs. The lamp poles and lamp top are in resin. These are amazingly detailed streetlamps which are ideal to put in an empty corn..
US$17.34 18 % OFF
Brand: Model Scene SKU: MSC-48901
Road stripes made of cobblestones, so-called cat's heads for model size H0.Road width: 77 mm Length in one package: 396 mm (divided into two strips of 198 mm each)Material: cardboard, into which the shapes of the cubes, as well as the channel inlets, are engraved with a laser.Product advantages:easy..
US$15.26 35 % OFF
HO Scale Straight Street - Cobblestone (width: 77mm, length: 406mm)
Brand: Model Scene SKU: MSC-48900
Road stripes made of cobblestones, so-called cat's heads for model size H0. Road width: 77 mmLength in one package: 406 mm (divided into two strips of 203 mm each) Material: cardboard, into which the shapes of the cubes, as well as the channel inlets, are engraved with a laser. Product advantages:ea..
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Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9091
Our Graffiti decals has been designed by our team of modellers to match some popular graffities and use in any surface creating interesting decorations. Printed in the highest quality by Cartograf, these decals are very easy to use and to adapt to a surface. Great for faded/decayed settings...
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