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1/35, 1/32 Roof Tiles & Roof Ridges - Anthracite (Plastic) 280pcs
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-23087
The roof tiles (so-called double-hollow brick) all match the original details. In each package contains the roof tiles (or pans) as well as the ridge tiles...
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1/35, 1/32 Roof Tiles Flat Bricks Round Style - Dark Brick-Red (Ceramic) 500pcs
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Brand: Juweela SKU: JUW-23113
The flat bricks "beaver tail" are flat shaped tiles.Dimensions: 1.21cm x 0.56cm x0.10cm The "beaver tail" is regarded as a German brick due to its distribution - especially in southern and eastern Germany.They can be painted in any colour you like, and they can be processed easily (sanding, sawing, ..
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1/35 Slate Roofs
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Brand: RT-Diorama SKU: RT-35054
Consisting of 4 items. (slate roofs)Basic dimensions:2x 120mm x 95mm2x 145mm x 95mm..
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1/35 Shingle Wooden Roof set
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Brand: RT-Diorama SKU: RT-35526
Material: 0.5mm Plywood..
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1/35 Dach: Tile Roof Set
Brand: RT-Diorama SKU: RT-35273
Dimensions:190mm x 140mm (2pcs.)Material: Polystyrolwith strip of ridge tiles 190mm..
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1/35 Damaged European Roof Section (1pc) and Tiles (12pcs)
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV SC230
A section of a ruined roof and 12 roof tiles of European design, useful for setting in a diorama or vignette...
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1/35 Metal Roof Plate
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Brand: U-Models SKU: UM375
*Kit comes unpainted...
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1/35 Tile (Roofing)
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