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Brand: DAS WERK SKU: DW35012
Product Details - Highly detailed static plastic model - Accurate reproduced & correct shaped rounded main body structure - Including full & complete interior of crew compartment - Transparent & PE-Parts included - Five accurately researched decal marking options - Doors can be built open/closed - F..
Brand: DAS WERK SKU: DW35031
100% new molds 1:35 scale highly detailed 2 in 1 kit link and length tracks for the correct Diehl 828G tracks accurate replicated roadwheels with details on both sides PE parts included Hatches in the crew compartment roof can be built open/closed Transparent parts included four marking opti..
Brand: DAS WERK SKU: DW35024
Highly detailed static plastic model Completely new designed 8.8cm Flak Full interior including engine Ammo racks buildable open/closed 4 marking options..
Brand: DAS WERK SKU: DW16004
Highly detailed single track links Variant of Type 6(a) track Fully workable For use on Panzer III and StuG III 192 single track links included..
Brand: DAS WERK SKU: DW16005
Workable single link tracks Detailed engine with open engine cover plates Detailed brake system and fuel system Side boxes and storage compartments with detailed doors can be shown open or closed Detailed cooling and exhaust system Rear crew door can be shown open or closed Transparent & PE-Pa..
Brand: DAS WERK SKU: DW72001
First U9 class ever done in scale in plastic High accurate shapes and dimensions Highly detailed surfaces with realistic rivet details Optional sail railings with fine details on both sides Open or closed hatches and torpedo doors Name plaques for all 4 ships of this class Optional upper rudde..
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