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Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE48008
PKT machinegun hand made mount for Mi-8 helicopter pilon. Afghan war..
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE48009
PKT machinegun mount for Mi-8 helicopter - cockpit, door and backdoor, three mounts in set. Afghan war - modern period..
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE48007
AK74 mount for Mi-24/Mi-8 helicopter window. Afghan war - modern period..
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE48014
Helicopter pilot heads - opened visor..
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE48015
Helicopter pilot heads - closed visor..
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE48011
GUV 8700 machinegun container with 12,7 YaKB abd two 7,62 GShS machineguns..
Brand: Airfix SKU: AX04104A
Plastic model kit, instruction sheet, paint layout sheet and decals...
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE48012
Antitank Malutka missile, Mi-8 pilon mount - four pcs in set..
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRE48013
Alternative universe weapons for Mi-8 helicopter - GShS machinrguns - door and backdoor mounts, UTES cockpit mount..
Brand: Greenstrawberry SKU: GSY-FP29
Set contains:- 09820-1/350 - K'tinga shuttlebay- 17523-1/350 - Kronos one "Qo'noS" - hydrogen ram intake- 19423-1/350 - Kronos one "Qo'noS" - Main Bridge- 20623-1/350 - Kronos one "Qo'noS" - impulse engines- 20723-1/350 - Kronos one "Qo'noS" - decorative ornaments- 20824-1/350 - Kronos o..
Brand: Greenstrawberry SKU: GSY-20723
3 photo etch sheets full of battle ornaments for Kronos one from STAR TREK IV undiscovered countrySet contains:Photo etch parts:- three sheets in 0,15mm thickness of super accurate Klingon decorative ornaments..
Brand: Greenstrawberry SKU: GSY-19423
Resin and Photo Etch Detail Set for the Main Bridge of the Klingon Kronos one from the Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This set is specially designed to enhance your model kit and bring an unparalleled level of detail to the iconic Klingon starship.Set contains:Photo etch parts: - doors - ..
Brand: Greenstrawberry SKU: GSY-20623
Resin correction detail set parts for Kronos One from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. More accurate detail of back impulse engine with front and back photon louncher.Set contains:Resin Parts: - complete whole new impulse engine - rear clear photon luncher for easy lighting - front clear ph..
Brand: Greenstrawberry SKU: GSY-17523
Resin correction detail set for Kronos One from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, more accurate hydrogen ram intake with correction upper corners with correct sizeSet contains:Resin parts:- left and right correction ram intake- left and right correction corners..
Brand: Greenstrawberry SKU: GSY-20824
Photo etch detail set with two resin correction parts for Kronos One from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.Set contains:PE Parts:- more accurate super fine detail WARP engine grills- front and after photon tube mesh for lighting- all new officers lounge deck- additional details for W..
Brand: Greenstrawberry SKU: GSY-FP30
Set contains:- 09019-1/350 - I.K.S. Amar - K'tinga class- 09820-1/350 - K'tinga shuttlebay- 19523-1/350 - K'tinga - main bridge..
Brand: Live Resin SKU: LRM35084
Russian Army soldier in modern infantry combat gear system with KORD 12,7 heavy machinegun, in action, set 25..
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