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Brand: The Weathering Magazine SKU: A.MIG-5218
Title: Accessories Author/s: Karim Bibi, Allen Vallejo, Aurelio Gimeno, Ricardo Batista, Ricardo Riva, Lalo Zeleny Publisher: AMMO by Mig Jimenez Subject: Aircraft modelling Series: The Weathering Aircraft Languages: Bilingual, English & Spanish Number of pages and format: Soft cover, 68 pages with..
Brand: Nuts & Bolts SKU: NBB045
by Dr. Nicolaus Hettleravailable from September 10th 2021soft coverGerman & English texts240 pages449 photos (290 historic photos, 131 colour photos of the surviving vehicles in public and private collections, 28 colour photos of five models)16 camouflage schemes, tactical markings and 6..
Brand: Nuts & Bolts SKU: NBB032
by Vinnie Branigan, Holger Erdmannpublished on May 20, 2014soft coverGerman & English texts224 pages471 photos (279 historic, 45 model, 147 modern)27 blueprints16 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organisation (KStN)..
Brand: Nuts & Bolts SKU: NBB024
160 pages A4, glue-bound, approx. 274 photos, of these 237 historical shots of the Panzer II Ausf. D/E, Flammpz II, Marder II Ausf. D with all known variants (Bruckenleger and Fahrschulpz.) in b/w, many of them unpublished; 11 colour photos of still existing Ringstande with flame turrets in Norway, ..
Brand: Nuts & Bolts SKU: NBB023
120 pages A4, glue-bound, approx. 224 photos, of these 109 historical shots of the selfpropelled vehicle with all known variants and the towed PaK gun in b/w, many of them unpublished; 98 colour photos of the existing example of the Sd.Kfz. 101 from the only one surviving vehicle at the Wehrtechnisc..
Brand: Nuts & Bolts SKU: NBB022
120 pages A4, glue-bound, approx. 165 photos, of these 43 historical shots of the gun vehicle with all known variants in b/w, many of them unpublished; 98 coloured photos of existing examples of the Sd.Kfz. 138/1 Ausf. M from the only two surviving vehicles in the US Army Ordnance Museum, Aberdeen &..
Brand: Nuts & Bolts SKU: NBB020
144 pages A4, glue-binded, approx. 265 photos, of this 130 historical shots of the halftrack with all known variants in b/w, most of them unpublished. 124 coloured photos of existing examples of the Sd.Kfz. 11 from different collections, 10 coloured photos of the prize-winning model from Mario Eens ..
Brand: Nuts & Bolts SKU: NBB016
136 pages A4, glue binded, 172 wartime Photos from 1931-1945 in b/w, many of them rare and never before published, ca. 161 b/w Photos of existing museum vehicles in several collections. English / German text and photo captions, 11 pages of scale drawings of the vehicle in 1:35 scale from John Rue & ..
Brand: Nuts & Bolts SKU: NBB011
70 pages A4, 40 wartime Fotos from 1935-1943 in b/w, most of them unpublished and 78 b/w Photos of the surviving vehicles from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Military Museum in Sofia and Belgrade War Museum. English / German text and photocaptions, 5-side drawings in 1:35 scale of all versions from John L..
Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 75014
"Armour of the Eastern Front 1941-1945" is the first in the new series by Guideline License Publications and the team that brings you Military Modelcraft International in collaboration with Acrylicos Vallejo.The publication examines some of the AFVs that shaped the war on the Eastern Front during ..
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Brand: Vallejo SKU: AV 75018
Two top professionals in sci-fi hobby painting offer their most original views in the first book of the Quasar Collection, which offers creativity without limits and content that no sci-fi lover should miss: robots, spaceships and post-apocalyptic vehicles!Book includes 120 pages, format A4, Engli..
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Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-GB9032
During the late 1980s, the threat level for NATO in Europe changed significantly due to dramatic political and military developments in Eastern Europe. The Cold War ended soon after. These fundamental changes also had an impact on the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR). A new aim was to create a much ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-US3042
With the Cold War evolving, the search for more military applications of nuclear weapons was carried out by the United States and the Soviet Union. The major aim was, on the one hand, to improve the yield of devices and thus increase their destructive levels, and on the other hand to make them deplo..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5088
The aim of the Protected Command and Multipurpose Vehicles (Geschutzte Fuhrungs- und Funktionsfahrzeuge, or GFF) project is to optimally meet the armed forces' need for different protected platforms for operations, and to replace outdated unprotected vehicles. The Enok 5.4 used today by the German A..
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Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-INT8011
As the first military customer and as one of the first export customers, the Swiss Army received its initial four Unimog U25-series trucks as early as 1950. After a longer period of testing, the Unimog S was procured from 1961 onwards. The Unimog S and "Dieseli", which were purchased in large number..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5090
DACHS The Dachs Armoured Engineer Vehicle in German Army Service After the failure of the project to develop the Armoured Engineer Machine and to close the existing equipment gap in the Bundeswehr's Engineer Corps, a solution was sought and found in the Pionierpanzer 2A0 Dachs AEV. The first of its ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5080
UNIMOG-Sonderfahrzeuge Specialised UNIMOG Truck Variants in German Army Service In previous volumes of this series the various legendary Unimog truck variants in Bundeswehr service were covered in great detail, including the U1300L, U4000, U5000 and Unimog S. This publication now closes the gaps on ..
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Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-530
English. 76 pages. Soft cover.The best publication for figure modelers ever created!Our new magazine features comprehensive articles written by the best figure painters from around the world who will teach you their tricks and techniques.If you liked our Figure FAQ, you cannot miss the f..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-2939
Encouraged by the extremely positive reception of the Hind Special, we add the second volume to the Aces High Monographic Series.This issue is devoted to modelling the famous A-4 Skyhawk which entered service 65 years ago but still remains in limited use.Detailed articles prepared by our editor ..
Brand: AMMO by Mig Jimenez SKU: A.MIG-6263
Daniele Guglielmi and Mario Pieri, authors of the book Panzer DNA published by AMMO by Mig Jimenez, present the second volume of the Italienfeldzug series: an exhaustive study of the ground operations and the most important vehicles fielded by the German army (Heer) in the Italian campaign, between ..
Brand: The Weathering Magazine SKU: A.MIG-5212
The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine completely focused on the painting and aging techniques of scale models and figures, created to meet your modelling aspirations. In this issue of The Weathering Magazine, we want to show you a cross-section of subjects representing modern battlefields, su..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT705
The wide variety of articles makes of DAMAGED an interesting magazine for any type of modeller...
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT750
English. 132 Pages. Soft Cover.This book is the second volume devoted to the Iraqi Army's war material captured in 1991 during the Persian Gulf War.In February 1991, the Iraqi army suffered heavy losses during the air campaign and the ground offensive launched by the coalition, but a large pr..
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