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Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-US3037
REFORGER 73 - Certain Charge Building up NATO after the Vietnam War In the autumn of 1973, the US Army executed Exercise REFORGER V between 29 September and 22 November. This was the fifth exercise in the series since the first REFORGER (REturn of Forces to Germany) had been carried out in 1969. The..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-MM7022
As many other NATo armies the Portuguese Army was subject to major reorganisation after the threat from the Warsaw Pact had vanished. What makes Portugal's ground forces of today so special is that the army was organised around three unique brigades that can be deployed around the globe and used in ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5077
LUCHS The Luchs 8-Wheeled Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle in Modern German Army Service A total of 408 Spahpanzer 2 Luchs eight-wheeled armoured reconnaissance vehicles were built for the modern German Army and they were used in light armoured reconnaissance platoons within divisions of the Bundeswe..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-BW5079
In the case of the new Eagle V Protected Utility Vehicle for Command Staff the focus of development was mainly on increasing the payload, improved protection of all areas, better mobility, logistical similarity to the already fielded Eagle IV, and quick availability. Since the first series vehicle h..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-GB9005
British Armour Evolution The past two decades saw many changes in modern tracked vehicle armour. Exemplary on the vehicles of the British Army, this publication shows this development from "Stillbrew" via "Chobham" to the new "Enhanced Protection Bar Armour" in unprecedented detail.Quality Photos ..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT726
For the seventh issue of Damaged magazine our editor George Mefsut prepared seven articles, which are again devoted to subjects that are less commonly seen in other publications. This includes a post apocalyptic vignette featuring a robot, a racing car converted into a hover car, a space shuttle fro..
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-FM12
This edition features a variety of themes and techniques - painting different textures, fabrics and metals, using oil and enamel colours as painting mediums.Three large-scale busts are featured; one a Second World War subject, a 120mm sculpted by Mike Good and a fantasy depicting John Snow from ..
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-FM07
On this Seventh Edition in the Scale Model Handbook Series, they offer the excellent work of Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth, Javier Gonzalez (Arsies), Kazufumi Tomori, Grigoris Marmatakis and Christos Stamatopoulos in addition to the work of three new contributors - Sergey Popovichenko, Roman Navarro and Ma..
Brand: Abrams Squad Magazine SKU: ABS-AS1007-BDW
Bundeswehr Abrams Squad Special, with some fantastic articles of the most inspirational vehicles of the modern German Army. Contents: 3.- Bundeswehr in Abrams Squad 4.- ISAF GTK BOXER. Manuel Reinher 16.- GTK Boxer References 18.- DINGO 2A3. Jorge Lopez 30.- Dingo 2 References 32.- LEOPARD 2..
Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-A-4
2.- ASSEMBLY 30.- PAINTING 32.- SHERMAN, Spring 1945 Dirt on a rural environment 44.- SHERMAN, February 1945 Volcanic dirt 60.- M26 SUPER PERSHING, Winter 1945 Rust & dust 76.- KING TIGER, ABRIL 1945 Dampness and rain effects 98.- TIGRE I, WINTER 1943 Mud & dirt 112.- RENAULT R-35 Rust..
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Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-MM7026
Vehicles of the Modern Argentine ArmyThe Ejercito Argentino (Argentine Army) was established at the same time as the birth of the country in 1810, when the May Revolution gained independence from Spain. Currently the Argentine Army has a total of 1,400 combat vehicles (both tracked and wheeled), 5..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-MM7014
Army Vehicles of Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore in Southeast Asia are threatened by surrounding armies or struggle against insurgencies. They have responded by developing highly effective armed forces. This publication shows the major army vehicles employ..
Brand: Euro Modelismo SKU: EURO-PA057
Panzer Aces focuses its attention on Modern Warfare AFV again and showcases the work of the best modellers who shows techniques on how to achieve the best results on modern vehicles. Four vehicles are shown with highly detailed images. Text and step-by-step guides share the techniques, painting ca..
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Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT715
120 pages, English.This book under the ABT502 label is an art book, especially designed by Michael Kontraros for all fans of his work, and in general for those modellers who appreciate fantasy figures. This artistic book, with a very unique layout that shows us the steps of the creation of Levia..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-MM7006
Few other modern armies have faced such a comprehensive reorganisation from Cold War territorial defence towards a modern worldwide deployable military force than the modern Danish Land Forces. Especially the mixture of old reliables plus most modern vehicle types makes Danish Army motorization a ma..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-MM7004
For nearly ten years the British Army uses the Dravsko Pomorskye training ground in Poland for training their troops on brigade level. The British Battle Group exercises UHLAN EAGLE, often with Polish Army participation, are described in this publication with a special focus on the vehicle pool. All..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-MM7003
NATo Response Forces This publication offers for the first time a close look into the organisation, training and vehicle equipment of the NATo Response Forces. The task of the multinational NRF is the rapid deployment of Initial Entry Forces and Follow on Forces to any crisis region of the world. Fo..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-FT15
Keiler German Mine-Clearing Tank - In action photographs and a detailed walkaround, English. - Limited print-run 999 copies - As our series "In-Detail" but half size / half price!Quality Photos and Illustrations; Illustrated with 94 colour photographs Language: English Number of Pages: 40..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-FT13
Grantiger Lowe German Camouflage - Markings - Soldiers - In action photographs and a detailed walkaround, English. - Limited print-run 999 copies - As our series "In-Detail" but half size / half price!Quality Photos and Illustrations; Illustrated with 49 colour photographs Language: English Number..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5028
Panzerkampf im Kalten Krieg German Armoured Corps in Cold War Exercise Schneller Wechsel "74 This publication covers one of the most interesting modern German Army exercises held during the Cold War. Exercise Schneller Wechsel (Rapid Change) took place in the autumn of 1974 as a III Corps exercise. ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5056
The use of explosive ordnance such as mines and so-called "booby traps" has been, right up until the present time, a way to effectively restrict enemy movement. The focus of this threat in current German Army foreign operations is the improvised explosive device. The Bundeswehr is therefore continuo..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5005
German Army Training Centre Letzlingen The Cutting Edge in Combat Simulation for the Modern German Army - BundeswehrFuture globalised combat scenarios force men and machine to continually update existing technology and tactics. The Gefechsubungszentrum Heer - German Army Training g Centre - of the..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5023
Panzertruppe 2010 - German Panzer Forces in the 21st Century The army of the German Armed Forces currently undergoes a transformation called "Neues Heer 2010", the "New Army 2010". The Panzertruppe (armoured corps) of the Bundeswehr (modern German army) is thus in the midst of a tremendous reorganiz..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5018
Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles kurz, Hotchkiss / lang, HS 30 The Schutzenpanzer kurz, Hotchkiss (Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Short Version, Hotchkiss) was for the first years of the newly founded German Army, the Bundeswehr, the typical vehicle of the armoured reconnaissance units. The ..
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