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Brand: The Weathering Magazine SKU: A.MIG-4526
The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine completely focused on the painting and weathering techniques of scale models and figures, created to meet your modelling aspirations.This issue will bring you step by step articles focused on recycling models: breathing new life into your old and ..
Brand: The Weathering Magazine SKU: A.MIG-4522
The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine devoted entirely to the painting and weathering techniques of scale models and figures. In this issue, we will focus on an unusual topic for a scale modelling magazine ?C pre-assembled Die-Cast and plastic models available in an endless variety of intrigu..
Brand: The Weathering Magazine SKU: A.MIG-5206
Complete the subject of camouflage with The Weathering Aircraft issue 6. In the pages you will be able to know step by step the most diverse techniques, from how to make own masks to how to create a complete camouflage using decals. In addition, you will see camouflages as diverse as the spectacular..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-4901
Worn Art Collection is a series of thematic modelling publications which describe different approaches to creating specific effects on your models through practical examples. This issue focuses on everything related to wood, presenting various techniques on different models, some of which are mad..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-291
The fourth volume of our Modern Conflicts Profile Guide series is intended to be a handy reference guide to the most interesting Iraqi and Iranian military vehicles and artillery pieces, spanning the beginning of the Iran-Iraq conflict, to the Persian Gulf War of 1990-91, and finally the 2003 in..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT716
The sixth issue of Damaged magazine brings you no less than eight articles written by some of the best modellers from around the world. George Mefsut, the editor, again invites us to a great journey through different modelling genres and really uncommon subjects: from a steampunk flying apparatus, t..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT707
Covering a multitude of branches of modelling from historical to sci-fi, covering cars, machinery and or scenes, Damaged covers both assembly aspects and techniques of more realistic and innovative painting styles used by many of the best modellers today. The Damaged magazine is a great magazine to ..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT728
Damaged is the best magazine devoted to painting and weathering techniques suitable for scale models and figures of any type. You can learn a lot from every article thanks to the step-by-step approach, high quality images and concise descriptions. Damaged features original scenes and vehicles and is..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-6305
AKtion is a high quality magazine focused on the wargames world. This third issue features the Normandy scenery, something special for enthusiasts of strategy games like Bolt, Flames and many others, but it also includes other very interesting sections for any wargames lover. If war games are your t..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-6303
64 pages, English & Spanish.This magazine with a focus into the world of wargames, is gathering momentum. The second issue set up the guidelines that the magazine will follow in the following issues, but still leaving a lot of place for surprises. If you liked the first issue, this second will n..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-2923
Aces High has become the best reference in scale aircraft modelling. Our famous modeller Daniel Zamarbide is the man behind this wonderful publication. He constantly leads us into the world of aircraft modelling, not only to show the best techniques and step by step guides, but also historical facts..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-2931
This AHM issue is dedicated to a series of jet aircraft which built their combat legend during the past seven decades. After the end of World War II, France developed a number of interesting aircraft designs, from the MD450 Ouragan, through the Mystere/Super Mystere family, the Etendard/Super Etenda..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-2929
80 pages, English language.Issue 14 of Aces High takes us into the world of twin-engine aircraft. It??s a pleasure to see the world??s best modellers building and painting some of the most mythical WWII aircraft, which are rarely seen in other international magazines.Includes: P1Y1 Ginga ..
Brand: AMMO by Mig Jimenez SKU: A.MIG-6221
Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia of Figures is dedicated to learning the basic elements that each miniature painter works with: light, colour, form, and texture. This book is a definitive guide to understanding the secrets of illuminating a figure, combining colours, highlighting shapes, and enhancing t..
Brand: The Weathering Magazine SKU: A.MIG-5213
The Weathering Aircraft, your favourite publication focused on the techniques of painting and weathering aircraft is proud to follow up with our thirteenth issue.On this occasion, we will focus on the essential assembly steps required to depict crashed or abandoned aircraft. We show a full r..
Brand: Abrams Squad Magazine SKU: ABS-DIO04
Dioramag- an entire magazine focused on dioramas and scenes. You will find the best articles of the best modellers and writers in the world. Step by step articles, painting techniques, building techniques, showcases, news, reviews and much more.Contents:3 THE KISS by Mirko Brechmann8 NEWS10 DI..
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-WWII04
CONTENTS WORLD WAR II SPECIAL VOL.44 Ramcke Brigade, Libya 1942 - Building a Diorama Featuring an Abandoned Kettenkrad and Detailed Commercial Plastic Figures in a Desert Setting - 50mm (1/35)18 Waffen SS Machine Gunner 1944 - Painting The Skin Tones, a Late Pattern SS Camouflage Smock And Equip..
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-WWII03
WWII SPECIAL VOL.3We have reached the 25th book in Mr Black Publications Scale Model Handbook series, which is a result of collaboration from some old as well as some new contributors. This is the third book in the series we have entirely dedicated to creations inspired by those events that took p..
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-TC04
THE GREAT WAR IN SCALETHEME COLLECTION VOL.4This is the fourth "Theme Collections" title in our new series that draws upon previously published articles in our Scale Model Handbook Special Editions Collection books where the content is dedicated to a specific category or period. In this latest ..
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-FM10
Enjoy the 10th edition in our Scale Model Handbook series, and for those who love dioramas, don't forget to check out the latest addition to their series, "Diorama Modelling I", a 100-page book revealing the many techniques for making scenic settings and creating different worlds in miniature...
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-DM02
DIORAMA MODELLING 2Welcome to the second of our diorama modelling books in Mr Black Publications series of Scale Model Handbooks. Like the first book we have an extended format to cover a great variety of military modelling themes and various types of dioramas.This 100-page book offers lots of i..
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-DM01
DIORAMA MODELLING 1 - 2nd EDITION NEW COVER, SAME CONTENTWelcome to the first book about modelling dioramas in Mr Black Publications series of Scale Model Handbooks. We promised in our first issue that our publications would eventually cover a greater variety of military modelling themes and now o..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-BW5080
In previous volumes of this series the various legendary Unimog truck variants in Bundeswehr service were covered in great detail, including the U1300L, U4000, U5000 and Unimog S. This publication now closes the gaps on specialised Unimog variants, including aircraft tugs, small emplacement excavato..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5066
Unimog 1,5-Tonner "S" The Legendary 1.5-ton Unimog Truck in German Service Part 1 - Development / Technology / Walkaround For many German ex-soldiers, Unimog means first and foremost the Unimog Type S, known as the "one-and-a-half tonner". This type of truck was their daily workhorse and, with a mas..
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