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Brand: The Weathering Magazine SKU: A.MIG-5216
The sixteenth issue of The Weathering Aircraft is available now! On this occasion, we will focus on unusual schemes and how to solve some of the problems often encountered when painting these interesting finishes. Quite often, the inherent difficulties of these camouflage patterns deter modellers fr..
Brand: AMMO by Mig Jimenez SKU: A.MIG-6032
Steel Series volume 3. A work entirely devoted to the T-54 / Type 59 tank. Fun and easily referenced sourcebook where you can visually analyse and distinguish the characteristic details of the variants T-54A / Type 59 and T-54B. The introduction includes historical notes about the design and develo..
Brand: AMMO by Mig Jimenez SKU: A.MIG-6222
A.MIG-6222 Encyclopedia of Figures Volume 2: Techniques and Materials Book, soft cover. 112 pages in full colour Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Figures focuses on the materials, procedures, and techniques best suited to painting and bringing a miniature to life. Once the elements of visual language..
Brand: AMMO by Mig Jimenez SKU: A.MIG-6086
In this new addition to the In Combat series you will continue to enjoy the painting and weathering work done by the best Mecha modellers in the world. The authors will show you how to create effects and use techniques with different levels of difficulty and weathering, so you will be able to choose..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-4844
This special edition of Tanker magazine is focused on the Israel Defense Forces armoured vehicles.It is an excellent step-by-step guide on creating realistic miniatures of IDF AFVs in 1/35 scale.Our goal is to provide artistic inspiration and necessary guidance for your future projects.This is..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-2933
In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, our sixteenth issue is dedicated to this bloody operation. Inside you'll find comprehensive articles on building models of five aircraft which participated in the Operation Overlord, in 1/48, 1/32 and 1/72 scales. ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-Sov2007
Soviet Trucks of WW2 in Red Army and Wehrmacht Service The Soviet Union had a relatively standardised military vehicle park at the outbreak of the Second World War, consisting primarily of GAZ and ZiS vehicles. These trucks were simple to produce in massive numbers and were straightforward to operat..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5082
Feuertaufe Leopard 2 The Leopard 2 MBT's Baptism on Fire on Army Exercises 1984-86 The introduction of the Leopard 2 main battle tank from 1980 into the German Panzertruppe was a highly demanding task. This publication describes the teething problems and shows the early series production Leopard 2A0..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5062
PUMA The New Armoured infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Bundeswehr - Part 2 After a long and demanding development the new Schutzenpanzer Puma armoured infantry fighting vehicle was now introduced to the German Bundeswehr. During his research the author was granted hitherto unprecedented access to ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5061
PUMA The New Armoured infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Bundeswehr - Part 1 After a long and demanding development the new Schutzenpanzer Puma armoured infantry fighting vehicle was now introduced to the German Bundeswehr. During his research the author was granted hitherto unprecedented access to th..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-US3041
REFORGER 77 Carbon Edge was conducted as a free-running corps-level FTX. It involved 51,800 troops with 4,000 tracked vehicles, 7,500 wheeled vehicles, 500 helicopters and 90 combat aircraft. The aim of Carbon Edge was to test the capability of NATO to slow down, intercept and stop a major conventio..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-Sov2012
T-35 The Soviet "Giant of the Eastern Front" - Development, Production Batches and Combat After midnight on 22 June 1941, the Soviet 34th Tank Division of 8th Mechanised Corps was put on alert. The T-35 tanks were readied to move and bombed up on the training ground of the unit's home base at Gorodo..
Brand: HMH Publications SKU: A.MIG-DHS001
"Kris Christiaens and Gert Trachez got to stay on board and came back with an impressive number of photos of Harriers, helicopters, landing boats and more. This book is filled with action, but we also give you a closer look at the ship itself: the flight deck, the hangar deck, the accommodations and..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-4903
Worn Art Collection is a thematic modelling publication series which describes several ways to approaching the particular finishing aspects of models using different techniques, through practical examples. This issue focuses on everything related to chipping, using different techniques on various di..
Brand: AK-Interactive SKU: AK-2935
Welcome to ACES HIGH 17 dedicated to torpedo aircraft. The relationship of aviation with the sea dates back to its most ancient beginnings with the appearance of seaplanes in the first years of the 20th century. Its high potential as a deadly and strategic weapon in the naval battlefield was discove..
Brand: Abteilung 502 SKU: ABT734
Welcome to another spectacular night, dedicated to the Oscar Awards! It is the 92nd ceremony and we are sure, it will keep us all, at the edge of our seats! Tonight, every cinema-loving soul, will have the eyes locked on Hollywood. Now, let us start with the Best Director category. The nominees a..
Brand: Abrams Squad Magazine SKU: ABS-DIOS01
Dioramag: an entire magazine focused on dioramas and scenes. You will find the best articles of the best modellers and writers in the world. Step by step articles, painting techniques, building techniques, showcases, news, reviews and much more.The book is entirely devoted to the Japanese Master Tak..
Brand: Mr. Black Publications SKU: MRB SMH-TC02
KNIGHTS AND CRUSADERS IN SCALETHEME COLLECTION VOL.2This is the second book in our new series of Scale Model Handbook Special Editions "Theme Collection" offering previously published articles from our "Editions Collection" where the content is dedicated to a common theme. This second book is ab..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-3-2020
Please Note: Language: German ONLYEinheiten der Bundeswehr: Gebirgspanzerbataillon 8 (8th Mountain Panzer Battalion) US Army: Bavarian School Bus Waffen systeme der Bundeswehr: DUKW und LARC - Amphibische Gruppe Bw Deutsche Rustungsprodukte Heer (German armament products): WISENT ARV und AEV Na..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-FT22
Pansarbandvagn 302 B Sweden's "M113" - In action photographs and a detailed walkaround, English text. - Limited print-run 599 copies - As our series "In-Detail" but half size / half price! Quantity Photos and Illustrations: Illustrated with 72 colour photographs Text - Language: English Text Number ..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: MFZ-BW5059
UNIMoG U4000/U5000 The Unimog Series 437.4 - Development, Technology, Variants, Service The Unimog in service with the Bundeswehr is a longstanding success story. After the three volumes on the Unimog U1300L of the 435 series (Tankograd specials 5047, 5048 and 5049), here is the publication covering..
Brand: Tankograd Publishing SKU: TG-GB9029
The TM truck range is a family of all-wheel-drive logistics trucks manufactured for the British Armed Forces by Bedford Vehicles in the final decade of the Cold War era. It contains the TM 4-4 fleet of 8-tonne and TM 6-6 fleet of 14-tonne payload-class vehicles. The range includes 4x4 and 6x6 cargo ..
Brand: Abrams Squad Magazine SKU: ABS-DIO05
Contents: 3 Starvation Cove by Per Olav Lund 8 NEWS 11 Showcase Dioramag: Imre Kovacs 14 DER LETZTE AKT by Laszlo Gaal 20 Showcase Dioramag: Robert Doepp 26 "IN QUEST OF THE QUANTUM" by Bob Letterman 42 DIORAMA CLASSICS: Phil Stutcinskas 44 JAPANESE MASTERS by Tetsuo Horikawa 50 Showcase Dioramag:..
Brand: The Weathering Magazine SKU: A.MIG-4527
The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine completely focused on the most enjoyable and effective painting and weathering techniques for finishing scale models and figures, created to fuel your imagination and provide the learning experience you need to explore the limits of your modelling aspirat..
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