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1/8 - 1/4 Traditional Old School Tattoos (Waterslide Decals)
Future Release
Brand: Archer Transfers SKU: AR99013
WATERSLIDE DECALS Thirty seven traditional tattoo water slide decals (girls, lizards, snakes, skulls, shark, peacock, eagles, birds and flowers) suitable for figures 1/8 to 1/4 scale. Printed with translucent inks for a realistic appearance rather than looking like a cartoon decal. Comes with instru..
1/72 WWII German Sacks (10pcs)
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Brand: CMK SKU: CMK-B72039
The set contains 10 general purpose sacks (for cloths, food, etc.) used by Wehrmacht during WWII...
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1/72 Hands
Future Release
Brand: Art Scale Kit SKU: ASK200-A72009
1/72 Hands 10 pairs, cat. no. 200-A720093D printing, includes:5 pairs of hands - basic position 1 pair of hands - thumbs up 1 pair of hands - fist 1 pair of hands - grip 1 pair of hands - pointing 1 pair of hands - stop! This is a very high-quality 3D print made of resin, which can be processed,..
1/72 Bicycle Classic
Future Release
1/7 - 1/4 Human Eyeball Decals (Waterslide Decals)
Future Release
Brand: Archer Transfers SKU: AR99003
WATERSLIDE DECALS Human iris water slide decals suitable for figures from approximately 1/7 to 1/4 scale. Five different colors, shaded or unshaded and with or without white catch lights. Enough to do one hundred twenty figures. Comes with instructions.Diameters include: .084" (2.13 mm), .104" (2...
1/6 Weapon Collection - Kar98K Sniper Rifle
Future Release
Brand: Dragon Action Figures SKU: DRF 77037
This is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required.Features:- Authentic paint job - Highly detailed parts - Adjustable gun sling..
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