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Military Vehicles & Tanks

1/35 Italian 3Ro
Future Release
Brand: HD Models SKU: HDM35105
The kit contains resin parts to assemble and paint..
1/35 IDF Merkava Mk3 Track Links
Future Release
1/35 GAZ-233014 STS Tiger Flat Tyres Wheel set for Meng/Xact/Zvezda kits
Future Release
Brand: DEF Model SKU: DEF-DW35139
The flat tire set for Russian Armored High-Mobility Vehicle Tiger for Meng and Xact, Zvezda kit Accurate tires tread pattern, Fine detail wheels and naturally represented flat tire shape 4 kind of different pattern directions flat tire wheels. 1 deflated spare tire wheel included Total 5 resin parts..
1/35 Early Tracks for PzKpfw. 171 Panther Ausf. D
Future Release
Brand: QuickWheel SKU: QWT-35001
The set consist: 100 3D-Printed Resin 1/35 tracks for left side of the vehicle100 3D-Printed Resin 1/35 tracks for right side of the vehicle6 3D-Printed Resin 1/35 spare tracks..
1/35 E-100 Track links (Workable)
Future Release
1/35 Dingo Wheels
Out Of Stock
Brand: Royal Models SKU: RM741
The kit contains unpainted resin parts...
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