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Military Vehicles & Tanks

Brand: Elefant Corporation SKU: ELE-35079
Detailed product. Added screws etc. Due to the quantity of pieces produced, no casting part is included. We recommend the Archer Fine Transfer set...
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Brand: FC Model Trend SKU: FC-35820
US$10.98 21 % OFF
Brand: Elefant Corporation SKU: ELE-35043
Simple installation, just clean the risers and stick. You will get an interesting detail for your model...
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Brand: FC Model Trend SKU: FC-35560
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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Brand: DN Models SKU: DN-35-827-083
Braided Metal Tow Cable for AFV scale modelsSuitable for most of the Soviet/Russian T-series tanks, medium and large Panzer tanks and many trucks and armour applications in 35th scale.Length: 50cmApproximate diameter: 1,0mmVery flexible and easy to work with.Suitable for T-54/-55/-62/-72, ..
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Brand: FC Model Trend SKU: FC-35696
#NOTE: The set does NOT include a model kit...
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Brand: Voyager Models SKU: PE16015
The set includes 3 Photo-etched sheetsABS rod: 1mmx5cmx4ABS rod: 0.5mmx5cmx4..
US$23.13 17 % OFF
1/16 WWII German Tiger I Side Skirts Set for Tamiya kit (4 PE sheets)
Brand: Voyager Models SKU: PE16014
The set includes 4 Photo-etched sheets..
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Brand: Plus Model SKU: PLUS-4022
25 resin parts and decals..
US$13.18 21 % OFF
Brand: Royal Models SKU: RM771
The item we offer is produced in polyurethane resin of the highest quality, the use of these materials has consequently enabled us to achieve finer levels of detail without compromising on the quality of the product. Our products are the result of meticulous historical research and careful planning ..
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Brand: Royal Models SKU: RM036
US$10.24 18 % OFF
Brand: Rado Miniatures SKU: RDM35S03
3x HHL 3, 3x HHL 3,5, 6x Geballteladung 3kg, 2x Sprengbuchse 1kg, Photo-Etch fret and Decals3D master design and print Alex Lautsch, PE parts by Part, decals by MrDecal..
Brand: Royal Models SKU: RM037
US$10.24 18 % OFF
Brand: DEF Model SKU: DEF-DE48001
Product Details:- Consist of Turret detail, rear basket grill, front light grill and machine gun detail up set- Anti-reflection coating effect sticker for glass parts- Road wheel mask sheet- Total 1 photo-etched plate, 1 effect sheet and 1 mask sheet*Note: This set does NOT include any armour model ..
US$13.91 20 % OFF
Brand: DEF Model SKU: DEF-DM35107
WWII German Pz.III 5cm Barrel w/ canvas coverd set for Academy, Dragon Ausf.G,H J kit Highly Detailed metal main gun part with canvas cover The muzzle has an accurate rifling Coverd machine gun parts 3D printed turret hook parts This is a direct replacement for plastic parts. Total 1 metal part and ..
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Brand: DEF Model SKU: DEF-DM35093
1/35 WWII US tank Hedgerow cutter set Includes 3 different types of cutters. for Sherman, M10GMC, Stuart light tank Total 3 resin parts..
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Brand: DEF Model SKU: DEF-DM35115
M113 Okinawa shield cupola set for US Army/ROK Army in Vietnam war Reproduce the unique type of M113 cupola with Okinawa shield applied With front shield used by the ROK Army Not included Cal .50 gun parts For 1/35 M113 APC kit Total 4 resin parts, 1 PE plate and 1clear sheet for vision block..
US$16.12 19 % OFF
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