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Brand: Microscale SKU: MI-8
Fact is that nothing looks like real metal except real metal. And Micro Foil Adhesive is a very easy and very inexpensive way to apply real metal in the form of metal foil to your models. The most common foil is ordinary household foil which most people have at home. But with a little checking aroun..
Brand: Microscale SKU: MI-9
First, micro krystal klear is a liquid that can be used to form very real looking small windows up to about 1/4"" in size. It is also an adhesive for mounting clear plastic parts, windows, etc. on your models. It can be used to make lens both clear and coloured with the addition of a little food col..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-12015
General-purpose cyanoacrylate 401. Fast drying, extra strong, low viscosity, specially formulated for adhesion between materials that can even have an acidic surface. Can be used with rubber, leather, wood, metal, resin and plastic. The surfaces to be joined must be free of dirt, dust and grease. A ..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-12001-B
Conserve your preferred glue bottles with AK's Quick Cement Refill. This eco-friendly choice reduces waste and offers a cost-effective solution for your modelling needs. The container's easy-open cap ensures precise refills without any fuss...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-12003-B
Conserve your preferred glue bottles with AK's Standard Density Plastic Cement Refill. This eco-friendly choice reduces waste and offers a cost-effective solution for your modelling needs. The container's easy-open cap ensures precise refills without any fuss...
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-12002-B
Conserve your preferred glue bottles with AK's Extra Thin Cement Refill. This eco-friendly choice reduces waste and offers a cost-effective solution for your modelling needs. The container's easy-open cap ensures precise refills without any fuss...
Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 87038
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Brand: Tamiya Models SKU: TM 87062
Quality CA Cement (Superglue) for modelling purposes. Comes with precision applicator pen.It is a quick-drying glue with short cure time. A container is a one push type which can control the amount coming out to one drop only at a time. Two micro nozzles convenient for adhesion of a fine part were a..
Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD43
Highest quality cyanoacrylate adhesives. All sold as 20g bottles.Roket Hot: Super-thin, fast, penetrating adhesive; sets 1-5 sec...
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Brand: Deluxe Materials SKU: DM-AD62
Liquid Plastic cement. Non-toxic, non-flammable, low odour and fine non-clog tip.Can also be applied with brush, or Micro Tips and Tube (AC9). Bonds in 8-10 secs and builds strength. Bonds: styrene, polyester, butyrate, plastic card. Invisible glue lines. Water washable...
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Brand: Humbrol SKU: HUM-PP
Usage A solvent-based cement suitable for plastic model kits only. Its viscosity is low to enable precision delivery of fine amounts of cement.Substrate Common plastics used to manufacture model kits including polystyrene and ABS. The product works by melting the plastic on application and '..
Brand: Humbrol SKU: HUM-CM77
Humbrol Poly Cement is a solvent-based cement that?s perfect for plastic model kits and craftwork. Forms a strong bond between two plastic pieces that?s permanent once dry. Fully dry in one hour (surface dry in only 10-20 minutes). Includes one 12 ml package of poly cement...
Brand: GSI Creos SKU: GSI-MC131
A new type of brush able adhesive! Compared with previous brush able adhesives, the drying speed has been dramatically improved and adhesive strength enhanced. Use Mr. Cement SP together with MC129 Mr. Cement S which is suitable for gluing while fine tuning component positioning...
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Brand: IckySticky SKU: ICK-50416
ICKYSTICKY Thick CA Hobby Glue is a high viscosity, maximum gap filling formula. This is a very slow curing formula.This product works best on: ALUMINIUM FORMING FILLETS LAMINATE METAL RUBBER RESIN WOOD CERAMIC MAXIMUM GAP FILLING FORMULA. HIGH VISC..
Brand: IckySticky SKU: ICK-13411
ICKYSTICKY QUICK SET CEMENT is a solvent based adhesive formulated to bond polystyrene plastic, commonly used in making plastic model kits. Also perfect for using on styrene sheets when creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.This cement sets in approximately 10 - 15 seconds and is perfect for..
Brand: IckySticky SKU: ICK-11200
ICKYSTICKY BLACK FLEXY CA is formulated differently to regular CA. It has a stronger bond and remains flexible when cured, meaning it is not brittle when cured. This makes it ideal for bonding dis-similar materials that require impact and shock absorbance.This product works best on:RUBBER ..
Brand: Woodland Scenics SKU: WS-S195
Hob-e-Tac is a multi-purpose, water-soluble, high-tack adhesive. It is perfect for attaching Clump-Foliage to tree armatures. Also, use to glue Field Grass and Fine-Leaf Foliage to layout...
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Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT56
PT-56 FORMULA 560 CANOPY GLUE features: - WORLDS BEST CANOPY GLUE - EXCELLENT FOR ANY CLEAR PLASTIC - CLEAR AND FAST DRYING - DRIES FLEXIBLE - NON-TOXIC - WATER CLEAN UPThe world's best canopy glue. 560 dries clear making it the perfect glue to use for attaching airplane canopies and vac..
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Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT10
CA Super Glue Thin Viscosity (0.25 oz / 7 g) features:- Superior penetrating formula- Super thin - water like consistency- Bonds and cures in 1 to 5 seconds- Works on most materialsSuper-thin penetrating formula. Works great on most materials, especially Balsa and other soft woods. Excellent "wickin..
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Brand: ZAP SKU: ZAP-PT27
Product Features:- Super thick formula- Jelly like concentrated Ca- Will not run or flow- Patented No-Drip Tip- Can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces- Use zip kicker to accelerate cure timeThickest ZAP of all - great for filling gaps. The tube comes with a long tapered tip allowing precise..
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Brand: Zero Paints SKU: ZP-2028
For more info about Zero paints, please read Zero Paints Colour Description.pdfCrystal Clear - Adhesive for Clear Parts 50ml*Dries clear *Fast Drying *Flexible * Fog FreeFor gluing clear parts in place. Perfect for Windscreens, Canopies, Lights, Indicators, and other small parts e.g. Mirrors,..
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Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-118
A new adhesive to fix down all kinds of earth, gravel, small stones, sand, etc to your bases. This special adhesive, with an alcohol base, is much more effective than the traditional white glue. The white glue tends to leave a plastic finish over the surface giving an unreal aspect and also tends no..
Brand: AK Interactive SKU: AK-9323
This product is a perfect adhesive for transparent parts.Its resin-based composition allows a slow and residue-free bonding of both, lenses or any part that requires clean handling and adhesion.Its precision cannula allows a precise application of the glue.It can also be used to fill small gap..
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