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Panel Line Wash - Dust (Enamel, 35ml)

Panel Line Wash - Dust (Enamel, 35ml)
Panel Line Wash - Dust (Enamel, 35ml)
Dust tones for green colours in Desert.

Dust colour Panel Line Wash. Perfect for green surfaces in desert environments such as P40 Warhawk, Chinook, Apache, or UH60. PLW DUST is also useful for Science Fiction subjects and any vehicle in green tones and dusty appearance. Panel Line Wash range is specially designed to create soft washed panel lines of aircraft. It is also perfect for other vehicles where AMMO of Mig Jimenez wants to obtain subtle effects such as science fiction subjects, ships and trains.
General Info
TypeWeathering / Effects
SubtypeWash / Filter
Paint TypeEnamel
Colour SeriesPanel Line

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