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Styrene Cement 2.0 eco Refills Extra Thin for Polystyrene #SLOW (30ml)

Styrene Cement 2.0 eco Refills Extra Thin for Polystyrene #SLOW (30ml)
New and improved! Featuring cutting edge chemical formulation VMS Styrene Cement 2.0 ECO is devoid of smelly acetone and has only mild and pleasant smell and slower evaporation rate - this means less headache for you, this clue can't cause dizziness. It will also react plastic a bit more slowly so if you get the glue where it shouldn't go you can quickly wipe it away and it will leave no trace! You will love using this luxury cement! Your family members and pets will also thank you for using this new user friendly product.
Glue comes in two variants: standard (fast) and delayed (slow). Use fast type for general cementing, employ slow type for parts that require longer open times such as figures (adjusting limbs) or cementing single track links - easy shape entire tracks, create sagging - tracks will remain flexible around 1 h before they start to stiffen. There is no bursh in cap we advise using standard fine nylon brush for best control and results.
Combine with: polystyrene
Available volumes: 30 ml glass bottle
Recommended techniques: fine nylon or red sable brush

Styrene cement refills FAQ
What's the best technique for precise application of the glue.
Use precision nylon or red sable brush as seen in our videos.

When to use the slow type.
Whenever you need to adjust and align the parts a lot: for tracks, figures (limbs, weapons aligning), complicated frameworks or scratch builds.

When to use the fast type.
For general cementing when no extra aligning needs to be done.

What's the shelf live of the cement.
Thanks to the formula your glue will remain usable for a minimum of 5 years!

How effective is the cement.
One model requires around 2.5 ml of cement and bottle holds 30. You will be able to finish around 12 1/35 scale models, if used sparingly the glue will be enough to finish around 20 1/35 scale models.

Do I need to clean brushes after using the glue.
No the remaining glue will dissipate and leave the brush clean. In case of slow cement type you may need to wipe the bristle with a towel for faster result.

Cement Eco seems to bond slowly.
The glue grips a bit slower but it's normal, since it's a slow evaporating formula which is much safer and comfortable to work with. To remedy this apply less glue and hold problematic parts together for 15-30 seconds. Flexing parts may need a rubber band or tape but this is true for all kinds of cement, parts that do not produce tension can be glued normally with our Eco cements, they just require a few seconds more than usual to bond.
General Info
Scale Non-Scale
Type Modelling Tools
Subtype Cement / Glue
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