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VMS Supplies DI05 Smart Mud XL 2.0 Universal Terrain Brown (200ml)

Smart Mud XL 2.0 Universal Terrain Brown (200ml)
SMART MUD XL 2.0 allows you to create great looking terrain, without the base cracking or shrinking as it is with typical low quality pastes. Our diorama paste is very easily shaped, allowing a lot of time before it dries up, and when it does it becomes rock solid as ceramic yet flexible thanks to proprietary reinforcing fibres included in the mix. Lightweight filler makes sure the diorama is not heavy as it is with plaster and can be easily taken to modeling shows. Grains mimic actual terrain so it's easy to achieve much desired realism. Proprietary "easy imprint" formula helps create realistic imprints of tracks which is unattainable with typical acrylic slurries available on the market. Probably the best modelling paste/clay out there!
Recommended techniques: stick, fingers, artist's spatula
Combine with: Pigment Expert binders, Spot-on pigments
Available volumes: 200 ml

Product FAQ
How much terrain will I be able to model.
Effectiveness of bundle is around 625 cm? (equivalent of a 25 x 25 cm diorama, layer 0.5 cm thick ).

Products comes in just 1 colour, how to make different shades of terrain.
Mix some VMS pigments with ENML binders MATT FX and spread the colour over the terrain with a brush or spray it. You can also colour using VMS Pigment Jockey weathering colours. Watch the videos where we show how to do it and attain various finishes.

How long does it take for the paste to harden.
Terrain is dry to touch after about 2-3h but actual structural durability develops within 48h or more - depending on layer's thickness.

What is the open time of the product.
Depending on ambient temperature open time is around 1-3 hours. After that resin becomes more difficult to manipulate but making imprints will still be possible.

What kind of tools to use.
For spreading the paste and modelling terrains use artist's spatula or a wooden stick and your fingers which is the best way.

How to make my mud appear dry.
Paste normally produces dry finish. For colour alteration and finish improvement mix some VMS pigments with ENML binders MATT FX and spread the colour over the terrain with a brush or spray it.

How to make my mud appear wet/glossy.
First step is to prepare a base layer of standard dry mud. Wait 48h for the base to dry and then apply a thin coat of VMS binders WET FX type of any variety (Acrylic, Alkyd, ENML 2.0) whichever suit you best mixed with VMS pigments of your choice. For extra gloss apply a top coat of pure VMS acrylic binders WET FX or VMS Alkyd binders WET FX or ENML binders WET FX.

How to make imprints such as tank track or tire marks.
Wait 30-60 minutes after application and then you will be able to easily crate imprints. For quicker results and more control wet the tyres/tracks with VMS Universal weathering carrier "light type" and make imprints right away.

How to clean up my fingers, objects and tools.
Tap water with dish washing liquid will do the trick.
I forgot to clean my tools and the resin is hard to remove.
You can use VMS Cleaners Pro for acrylics (green "acryl" icon) to easily clean your tools. Simply soak your brushes and spatulas for a few minutes in the cleaners to restore them.
General Info
Scale Non-Scale
Type Weathering / Effects
Subtype Pigment
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