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SDW Shading Colours - Bistro Additive (19ml)

SDW Shading Colours - Bistro Additive (19ml)
SDW Shading Colours - Bistro Additive (19ml)
Bistro is a colour from the classic paint style, used to darken or shade colours in a natural manner.
It's particularly useful for yellow based colours, sand, buff, cause it avoids the greenish hues obtained darkening these colours with black.
It has a "lightweight" composition compared to other SDW colours, this way it must be used mixed with other SDW colours as an additive, upon your needs.SDW Shading Colours are really revolutionary.
One only paint for all your needs:
Not enough for them to be extremely pleasant and flow to paint both with airbrush and brush
Not enough that they never clog airbrush nozzles, also the thinnest
But they also are Blend-able for weathering, figure painting, soft edged camouflages...
And in addition you can use them as you like, both in their fluid or dense way
Slower drying time compared to acrylics - SDW = slow drying waterbased -
Exclusive solvent and smell free formulation W-Resin.
No specific thinners needed, just water.
Extremely fast tool cleaning, simply with water
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SubtypeBottle Paint
Paint TypeAcrylic

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