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1/35 IDF Infantry Set (2000-Now) (4 Figures)

1/35 IDF Infantry Set (2000-Now) (4 Figures)
1/35 IDF Infantry Set (2000-Now) (4 Figures)
(Type: model figures) This is a plastic model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required.

Since Israel was established in 1948, it has been in conflict with surrounding Arab countries. Five Arab-Israeli conflicts broke out between 1948 and 1982. Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still one of the hottest concerns of in the Middle East. This makes Israeli people have strong consciousness of worry. After going through combats for years, the Israel Defense Forces has become a well-trained and experienced armed force with great combat capability. Though the role of infantry becomes less and less important in modern wars, it's still a unique force in the IDF. Their equipment and weapons have their own features.

The whole uniform colour of Israel infantry tends to be sand yellow, which cannot be easily recognized in sand environment in the Middle East. Infantrymen wear a specially-made camouflage helmet covered with a camouflage hat which is not proportional to their heads and bodies. Thus, it is very hard to enemy to find them. Moreover, with their camouflage hats, their heads seem to be enlarged so that enemy cannot aim at their real heads. Israel infantrymen wear new fireproof and bulletproof clothing and anti-mine boots. They use TAR-21 assault rifles made by IMI. Admittedly, their practical weapons contributed to victories in many combats and armed actions.

MENG has released many Israeli weapons and equipment kits. However, for Israeli figures, only a set of IDF tank crew was released two years ago. Now, multi-party cooperation (the original data provided by the Israeli Desert Eagle Publishing House, the prototype designed and sculptured by Japanese prototype designers, and the box art created by a Brazilian illustrator), MENG will release the second set of Israeli figures - 1/35 scale HS-004 IDF Infantry Set (2000- ) plastic model kit.

HS-004 kit includes a commander, a grenade operator and two riflemen. This kit vividly reproduces a commander who is calmly conveying tactical orders by radio set in a fierce combat, a grenade shooter holding his gun and ready for shooting and two riflemen holding their breath when performing border patrol. The RBH-103 helmet is covered with a deformed camouflage hat. The new tactical vest can attach many accessories. The field packs and military leg bags are provided for different figures and tasks. Kneepads and boots are the latest common types. H-189GR receiver, PRC-624 radio set and FUJINON SHS binoculars are the commander's exclusive equipment. This kit includes three types of TAR-21 rifles: standard, assault and with grenade.
Figures of this IDF Infantry Set have the most common body gestures and facial expressions. This set can be used with tanks, APCs and IFVs to form perfect Israeli dioramas.
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