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AK Interactive AK-159 Metal Burnishing Fluid (100ml)

Metal Burnishing Fluid (100ml)
The German brand Uschi, in cooperation with AK Interactive, offers this essential product to rust, in a natural way, the tracks made out of white metal, such as the ones from Friulmodel. You just need to submerge the tracks in the liquid for a few minutes and the metal takes on a realistic dark and rusty aspect, easily and effortlessly.
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Scale Non-Scale
Type Weathering / Effects
Subtype Burnishing Liquid
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AK Interactive
AK Interactive
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The instructions are; - brief - in the wrong order and - has an error in regard to cleaning the tracks. The instructions in order should be; 1. Soak the tracks in white vinegar to clean them and to slightly etch them in preparation to the fluid. Scrub the links with a toothbrush to remove any air bubbles. Do NOT use dish washing liquid as the instructions tell you as it will leave a film on the metal and they will not blacken. 2. Dry the tracks to remove any drops. 3. Using a non-reactive (?) container, mix the fluid 1:1 with water. 4. Submerge the tracks in the liquid. 5. Scrub with a toothbrush to remove any air bubbles. Air will protect the surface and prevent the liquid from working. 6. Wait and watch. The longer you leave it the darker it gets. 7. When the desired colour is reached, remove the tracks and rinse in water. This will remove the liquid and stop the process. I have kept the left over liquid and used it again but I would suggest that you only use it one, twice max. The metal goes a nice red/brown colour with a metallic sheen and you can run some emery paper across the track face to remove the patina and let the raw metal shine through. Although it can be used by itself, I would not consider this to be a one-stop weathering process. Rather, an excellent base from which to start the weathering process as it removes almost all the white metal. A tip which I discovered AFTER I built the tracks. Build the tracks but do NOT glue the wire in place until after you use the liquid as the super glue will leave a film that stops the liquid from blackening the metal.