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Acrylic Ultra Matte Finish Varnish (60ml)

Acrylic Ultra Matte Finish Varnish (60ml)
A high quality ultra matte varnish which can be applied with a brush or an airbrush to achieve a dead flat finish on any surface.
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Scale Non-Scale
Type Paint Auxiliary Product
Subtype Clear/Top Coat
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Verified Purchase
Legitimately the flattest matte primer you're likely to find. When they say Ultra Matte they absolutely mean it. If you use Scalecolor paints and love that crazy flat finish like me, this is the varnish you want. Especially if you're using other brands of paint that just don't finish as flat. Now, with that being said it's still got pros and cons that might make it perfect for me and terrible for you. PROS Incredibly flat matte finish. Perfect for painting figures and busts if you want them to photograph well with extreme detail - more glossy finishes tend to mess with your photography and blow out your white balance with reflected light. It's also thin enough to run through an airbrush without thinning, but you can obviously still do so if you need to. Reduces the issue of clogging up any details as well. CONS As varnishes go, it's not terribly tough. Probably better as a final super flat coat over the top of something stronger, especially if you're using it on miniatures for play. I mostly paint busts and figures so it's not really a concern for me. It can tend to yellow a little in the bottle over time which feels like it ought to be concerning, but I've never experienced this making any tangible colour difference once it's sprayed on the miniature. I've also never had any of my miniatures yellow over time using it as the final coat. Not terrible important, but good to know.
Verified Purchase
I like this product. If you are after a dead flat finish, this will provide it for you. It needs to be mixed well and can be thinned if required; (not a necessity) depending on application it may need a second "light" layer for full coverage. Ideal over a finish of satin or gloss first, as matt is not a finishing / sealing coat - too much and you can get a powder finish. I often mix this with an ordinary matt to achieve a less than dead flat finish, but duller than ordinary matt.
Verified Purchase
Be careful. This varnish gives a great matte finish but is very fragile. Have found it can flake and rub off even with the gentlest of touch. Extremely frustrating as you can have a figure covered in flaking patches. Very disappointed ????