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Wash - Oil and Grease Stain Mixture 75ml

Wash - Oil and Grease Stain Mixture 75ml
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Wash - Oil and Grease Stain Mixture 75ml
This brown glossy mixture is ideal for quickly creating effects of spilled grease and oil. It is easy to use and compatible with the rest of MIG products.

Make sure you first remove the cap and mix this concoction using a paintbrush. After mixing screw the cap back on and shake the bottle very well. Apply this mixture in small amounts at a time using a fine round brush onto engine compartments, around hydraulic lines and anywhere else on your model where Oil and Grease Stains might be presented. Let the paint dry and apply random consecutive layers for more realistic looking spills.

Note: we recommend that you apply this oil and grease mixture onto models painted with acrylics.
General Info
TypeWeathering / Effects
SubtypeWash / Filter
Paint TypeEnamel

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