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Universal Weathering Carrier Standard (30ml dropper bottle)

Universal Weathering Carrier Standard (30ml dropper bottle)
One carrier for all your weathering needs! Wide spectrum hydrocarbon complex with finely tuned aliphatic and aromatic content and medium evaporation rate. Indispensable while working with either Alkyd and ENML 2.0 binders. Great for thinning, removing excessive binders and pigments, creating special effects. Compatible with other brands of enamel weathering products and classic enamels. Substitute for more harmful agents such as classic turpentine. IMPORTANT: Product is available in two types. The stronger "standard" variant should be used over acrylic base coats while the "light type" can be used over both acrylic and enamel base coats (excluding enamel coats executed with Tamiya enamels). Recommended to use with VMS ENML 2.0 and Alkyd binders. Please refer to the below table for details.
Recommended techniques: brush
Combine with: Alkyd and ENML 2.0 binders, pigments.

UNIVERSAL weathering carrier FAQ
Standard type specific:

What's the difference between STANDARD and LIGHT variants of the carrier.
STANDARD variant is compatible with all enamel products and binders on the market and must be used over acrylic coats. If you paint your models with acrylics go with carrier STANDARD. LIGHT variant is only compatible with VMS weathering binders and artist's oils but can be used over classic enamel paint coats. Go with LIGHT if you painted your model with enamels (tinlets, glass jars) and want to do some weathering without damaging the coat.
I have just painted my model with my acrylic paint, how long before I can start weathering.
Paint must be properly cured. Paint dry to touch is not enough even so it appears good to go. The solvents are still dissipating and the resins (binders) hardening, it is far from cured. Wait minimum 12h, optimally 24h or longer before weathering over an acrylic coat! A patient modeller is always rewarded: The longer you wait the stronger the coat an less the chance of damaging it with solvents used while weathering!

I am using white spirit for my weathering will, this do the trick.
Yes, this hydrocarbon complex is very similar to your modelling or artist's white spirit when it comes to purity and evaporation rates. It has finely tuned aliphatic to aromatics ratio to ensure it works fine work with any classic and modern enamel product. Works with enamels and oils alike.
I am using odourless turpentine for my weathering, will this work.

Yes, this product can be used just as odourless turpentine. What kind of SFX will I be able to produce.
All the types you would otherwise produce with white/mineral spirits and turpentine variants. Examples include washes, streaking, blending, spatter and the like. For best results use this product with VMS Alkyd and ENML 2.0 binders. Use with dry pigments without binders is possible.

Can I use this product to work with oils.
Yes. If odour is a factor important to you oils work great with LIGHT variant of UNIVERSAL weathering carrier which has lower odour. Standard is best used with enamel products.
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