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Mr. Retarder Mild 40ml

Mr. Retarder Mild 40ml
Mr. Retarder Mild 40ml
Mr. Retarder Mild is an agent for retarding the drying of Mr. COLOR paints and eliminating lumps in brush-painted surfaces. In addition, it also greatly improves the smoothness of the Mr. COLOR paint film and thus dramatically increase luster.
How to Use:
-with a brush
1. Add approx. 10% Mr. Retarder Mild to Mr. Color and mix well.
2. Mr. Retarder Mild should be added after transferring Mr.Color to another container such as paint dish.
3. Your brush strokes should all be in the same direction. Don't concern about any brush marks or lumps as these will disappear.
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TypePaint Auxiliary Product
SubtypePaint Auxiliary Misc

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