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Mr.Metal Colour - Aluminium 10ml

Mr.Metal Colour - Aluminium 10ml
Mr.Metal Colour - Aluminium 10ml
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Mr.Metal Colour - Aluminium 10ml
When polished, Mr. Metal Colour hobby paints reproduce the gleam of real metal, something no ordinary hobby paint can ever do. How do you obtain this effect?
If applying Mr. Metal Colour hobby paint by brush, always paint in the same direction, e.g. left to right, or top to bottom. After the paint has dried, use a piece of gauze, tissue, or an old cloth etc. to gently polish the paint.
Different interesting effects can be obtained depending on how strongly the paint is polished. Use different polishing techniques for different effects, e.g. no polishing will result in a matt effect, while gentle polishing, or stronger polishing will result in a more highly burnished effect.
Thin Mr. Metal Colour paints with either Mr.Color or Mr. Levelling Colour Thinners.
Apply Mr. Top Coat Clear or Mr Super Clear or Mr Super Clear UV Cut to prevent oxidation and result in a durable finish.
General Info
Scale Non-Scale
Type Paint
Subtype Bottle Paint
Paint Type Lacquer
Colour Series GSI Mr.Metal
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