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Tracks and Wheels Colour Set (6 x 17ml)

Tracks and Wheels Colour Set (6 x 17ml)
Tracks and Wheels Colour Set (6 x 17ml)
The six new colours included in this paint set are specifically designed to aid the modeller in creating a realistic appearance for all types of wheels and tracks. The set includes a Darker Black color with a satin finish to represent new tires, while the wear of older tires is represented by a Dark Grey color. Also included are two new shades of track colours; a Light Rust color to represent fresh rust as might be observed on the tracks of an abandoned AFV, and a Dark Tracks that accurately creates the appearance of operational treads. Finally, it provides two tones, Dry Mud and Light Dust, which will allow you to dirt and dust your wheels and tracks easily for a natural appearance. These acrylic colours are designed for use with both brush and airbrush and are water soluble for odorless painting and require no aggressive solvents for clean-up. Those acrylic paints are manufactured by AK Interactive and made with a formula that prevents clogging in your airbrush.
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