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1/700 WWII HMS Queen Elizabeth / HMS Valiant Detail Set for Trumpeter kit (1PE)

1/700 WWII HMS Queen Elizabeth / HMS Valiant Detail Set for Trumpeter kit (1PE)
The set contains:
Railings (Focsle Deck), Railings (Quarterdeck), Railings (Crane Decks), Railings (Radar Office Roof), Railings (Catapult Deck Fwd.), Railings (Catapult Deck Aft), Railings (Shelter Deck Outer), Railings (Shelter Deck Inner), Railings (Boat Deck Aft), Railings (Fore Mast Platform), Railings (No1 Platform Sides), Railings (Boat Deck Fwd.), Railings (No1 Platform Fwd.), Railings (Funnel Platform H4), Railings (Met Office Roof), Railings (Hangar Aft Platform), Railings (Aft HACs Platform), Vertical Ladder Stock, Crane Jib, Crane Jib Extension Frame, Crane Hooks, Crane Base Sprocket Wheel, Crane Base Spacer Washer, Crane Cab Mechanism, Admirals Stern Walk, Stern Walk Side Supports, Stern Walk Canopy, Stern Walk Aft Supports, Funnel Siren Platform, Anchor Chain, Fore Mast Upper Platform, Platform Front Supports, Platform Rear Supports, Lower Platform Rear Frame, Fore Mast Lower Platform, Lower Platform Fwd. Frame, 8 Barrelled Pom Pom Assembly, 279 Radar Antenna Pole, 279 Radar Antenna, 279 Mast Top Platforms, 281 Radar Antenna Pole, 281 Radar Antenna Dipoles, 281 Radar Vertical Frames, 281 Mast Top Platforms, 282 Radar Yagi Antennas, 0.5" Vickers Quad MG Mounts, 285 Radar Yagi Antennas, Fore Mast Yardarm Footropes, Inner Accommodation Ladder Rails, Outer Accommodation Ladder Rails, Amidships Accommodation Ladder, Main Director Catwalk, Funnel Sirens, Bridge Canopy, Main Mast Platform Assembly, Main Director Walkway Bridge, Funnel Cap Attachment Plate, Funnel Cap Grill, Main Mast WT Antenna, Funnel Interior Plate, Hangar Roller Doors, Radar Lantern Frame, Radar Lantern Platform, Radar Lantern Base, Bridge Windscreens, 30' Gig Thwarts & Rudder, Bridge Front DF Antenna, Catapult Track, Aft Accommodation Ladder Rails, Aft Accommodation Ladders, Accommodation Ladder Davits, Anchors, Crane Jib Stowage Platforms, Aft HACs Tower Platforms, 284 Gunnery Radar Antennas, Aft HACs Tower Braces, Searchlight Lens Crosses, Main Mast DF Diamond Antenna, Pom Pom Deck Supports (Large), Pom Pom Deck Supports (Small), Catapult Aircraft Launching Cradles, Walrus Flying Boat Parts, Hangar Roof Overhang Supports, Anchor Hawse Pipe Grates, Hull Step Aft Ladders (Valiant), Hull Step Aft Ladders (QE), Inclined Ladders (Standard), Inclined Ladders (Long), Boat Oars, 26' Motor Boat Cradles, 32' Cutter Thwarts & Rudder45' Motor Launch Thwarts & Rudder, 16' Dinghy Thwarts & Rudder, 45' Motor Boat Cradles, 35' Motor Boat Cradles, 30' Gig Cradles, 32' Cutter Cradles on Lifting Frame, 16' Dinghy Cradles, Single Inclined Ladder, Inclined Ladders (Inside Platforms), Twin 20mm Oerlikon Mountings, Single 20mm Oerlikon Mountings.
General Info
Scale 1/700
Type Model Upgrade/Accessory
Subtype Detail-Up Parts Misc
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