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1/87 Flexyway Paver Street Herringbone Red (1 segment)

1/87 Flexyway Paver Street Herringbone Red (1 segment)
Herringbone Plaster
Flexyway are solid Juweela stones that sit individually on a thin carrier film. This makes the entire segment flexible in itself. Each stone can be removed individually: potholes, damage, craters or the construction site can be where you want them.
The segment can be cut anywhere and at any point in the joints and put together individually - without any visible interruption (since the joints are continuous).
The flexibility allows bumps or ruts in no time. The ceramic stones do not bend, but behave like the model.
In addition, they offer a great look and a color adjustment is also possible for beginners, for example with water color.
When gluing, the corners do not bend up. We recommend weighing down the corners for about 24 hours after removing them from the box. The material is sustainable and natural and can be easily adapted to the surface.
So Flexyway adapts to the model builder - not the other way around!

individual stones with a continuous joint (without connection to each other)
all ceramic stones can be removed individually
Stone size 3.8x1.8 mm
pliable carrier material makes the segment flexible in itself
easy/quick to use
individual/creative use
Real endless laying (no beginnings visible anymore)
Can be cut everywhere and in every joint
sustainable and non-toxic
no edges that can bend up
easy to color (even with watercolors)
incl. loose joint material + stones

Material: ceramic
General Info
Scale 1/87
Type Diorama Accessory
Subtype Paving
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